a small snippet from a starry sky spread i worked on all day. i’m almost 90 pages done! this is surreal.

things are very much back in business here at the studio. i eat most of my meals here. living and breathing drawing and colouring.

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Naomi Nowak
Naomi Nowak
Naomi Nowak is a child of the mid-eighties. She was born in Stockholm, Sweden and grew up loving comics. Starting out as a painter and an illustrator, she has gradually expanded her working area into graphic novels, where she combines her artistic and story-telling skills. Her inspirations are a mix of the European and Asian comic traditions, but she also strives to learn from how stories are told in cinema. In her spare time she likes to play the accordion, dance and read books and comics.

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2 Comments on "monoceros"

  1. I think your long day of work paid off. This looks fascinating.
    What’s the title of the book?

  2. hey! thank you so much. the title of the book is graylight and it’s sort of a love triangle/witch story which takes place far up north in lapland. there’s some more cutouts and information over at my personal blog,, but i try to keep on updating here as well.

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