a day at the studio. in snow.

i’m finishing up chapter 9 right now, and it’s the next-to-last part! just like jesse i badly want to say that i’m done even though i’m not. and just like him, i have a landmark birthday coming up – i’ll be 25! i have no particular feelings about this, even after doing some soulsearching (is it the new 15?). unlike jesse i never had a problem talking to girls though ;P

i finally have an idea for the graylight cover, too – i was waiting and waiting for it to come and hoping i wouldn’t have to force it, and it turns out i won’t. i’m really looking forward to it. it’s hard to juggle a full time job, comics, boyfriend, friends/family + trying to stay healthy and not forget food or exercise. i do really well most days, but for me a busy lifestyle almost inevitably leads to a small breakdown every once in a while. it’s allowed to feel pathetic and then move on, right? i wonder sometimes if i take things too seriously. luckily i have everyone at the studio and we back each other up 🙂

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Naomi Nowak
Naomi Nowak
Naomi Nowak is a child of the mid-eighties. She was born in Stockholm, Sweden and grew up loving comics. Starting out as a painter and an illustrator, she has gradually expanded her working area into graphic novels, where she combines her artistic and story-telling skills. Her inspirations are a mix of the European and Asian comic traditions, but she also strives to learn from how stories are told in cinema. In her spare time she likes to play the accordion, dance and read books and comics.

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3 Comments on "a day at the studio. in snow."

  1. Great. Now I’m publishing a 15 year old and a 20 year old. My competition will accuse me of stealing them from the crib.
    Happy B-Day, Guys! 30 is terrible, 25 is ok.
    Now try 50+

  2. Besides, what are you doing there on that board, Naomi? You sprayed it with… snow then black ink? How Swedish.
    No, seriously, what is that process you’re showing?

  3. comics is like modeling, you make all your money before 20 and then you’re out ;P

    it’s liquid latex and then smudged ink. then you rub the latex off (sounds dirty but isn’t) and ta-da! snow effect. you’ll see the coloured page soon!

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