Need some extra cash? Good at social nets?

March 30, 2009 by  
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We’re looking for someone with good experience with social networks to help us expand our presence there. We’re presently on MySpace but need to be on Facebook and others with all this better interlinked. Like NBM’s books? Good at this sort of thing where you can show what you’ve done in those spaces?

Then be in touch with me at tnantier at nbmpub.com.

Hope to hear from ya!

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2 Responses to “Need some extra cash? Good at social nets?”
  1. jeffk says:

    Just a word of advice: Unless you guys have a specific reason to concentrate on MySpace, I probably wouldn’t divert too many resources in that direction – it’s losing users almost as quickly as Facebook is gaining them. Next stop, Friendsterville. You’ll probably get the best results if you focus on Facebook and Twitter.

  2. NBM NBM says:

    Yeah, we’ve been hearing that as well, thanks. We had been on MySpace for well over a year so we’ll keep it up but move on to others as needed.

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