Too Much Thinking Going On

This was my first attempt at coloring Things Undone. It was a test page synopsis that I made up on the fly. I wanted to see how whacked out, relaxed and anachronistic I could color it without any hard and fast rules. While fun, it also seemed like it would still take longer than I wanted to spend on it.
All told it didn’t really add much to the story.

Okay I’ll admit…it was just too damn time-consuming!


2 thoughts on “Too Much Thinking Going On

  1. I think I did try that at one point. And you’re right I probably could have used it for this project since I probably closed the gaps in my inking a lot more than usual. But beyond this…I have another limited color project that will also have fully painted scenes as the story requires. I’m not abandoning full color, as much as warranting when it’s most purposefully used.

    Thanks for the reminder of Bpelt again and for checking out my work.


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