I love drawing comics. I like sitting at my desk and figuring out how to lay out a page. I like the smell of india ink. Last Friday I decided to stay in and draw instead of going out for drinks. I love drawing comics. That being said, there are some drawbacks to comics. Sometimes I really wish sound could be gotten into a comic. There’s just something so immediate and powerful about sound. It would be such a wonderful tool to have in my toolbox. I get so envious of movies. If only I could plug in an AC/DC when I need that extra kick. But sadly, there’s no sound in comics.

While working on my new book Joe and Azat I found another drawback to comics, but this is a drawback that I think all media have. No heat. The book takes place in Turkmenistan which is ninety percent desert and hot, hot, hot. There was a two week stretch in the summer where the temperature just hovered around fifty degrees Celsius (which is something like 130 Fahrenheit). I’d open the front door to go outside and it would just be like opening an oven. I wouldn’t even bother stepping outside in the middle of the day. I always had to wear a hat because if I didn’t it felt like my head was about to burst into flames. 

I was constantly sweating. I’d be sitting in my room reading a book at my desk and I’d feel sweat drops rolling down my chest and back. There was one time when I had been working at a summer camp and I was walking home and I realized that I wasn’t sweating. I thought, “Finally, my Vermont raised body has adapted to this heat.” Then I went into a store and bought a bottle of water. Shortly after finishing the bottle I began to sweat again, which means that my Vermont body hadn’t adapted at all. Instead I’d just been so dehydrated there was no sweat left.

It was hot.

Words and pictures just can’t do it justice (and a scene of a guy reading a book and sweating is hardly entertainment). What I really wish I could do is attach some sort of heating unit to the book so people could really get a feeling of what it was like being in Turkmenistan. Sadly, just like sound it can’t be done in comics.

Anyway, when my book comes out in September you should find a really hot place to read it.

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Jesse Lonergan
Jesse Lonergan
Jesse Lonergan was born in California and grew up in Saudi Arabia and Vermont. He graduated from Hampshire College in 2001. Since then he has lived in Boston, Chicago, Turkmenistan and Vermont and has worked a wide variety of jobs.

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