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Financial Times Rips Off Ted Rall

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You don’t have to be a regular reader to know that I’ve been depicting Barack Obama in Hello Kitty regalia for about one year: flags, banners, you name it. Most recently, I did an <a href=”http://rall.com/gallery2/d/11239-2/6-22-09.jpg”>Obamaman cartoon</a> that depicts our lame superhero president wearing a Hello Kitty logo on his chest.

Now a sharp-eyed FOR points out that an illustrator for the Financial Times has rather brazenly <a href=”http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/706bbcde-640d-11de-a818-00144feabdc0.html”>ripped off my meme</a>.

Usually, these things are less than cut and dry. But it’s pretty hard to believe that any illustrator could be unaware of my use of the Hello Kitty imagery to define Obama–it ain’t as branded as Generalissimo El Busho yet, but come on. This one fails the smell test.

Suffice it to say that, if this sort of thing annoys you, it is possible to <a href=”http://www.ft.com/comment/letters”>email the Financial Times a letter to the editor</a>.

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2 Responses to “Financial Times Rips Off Ted Rall”
  1. jeffk says:

    Wait, so you want to start a meme, but you don’t want other people to use it? That’s not how it works.

  2. shane white shane white says:

    jeffk: If you acknowledge him you validate him…just back away slowly.

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