Geary’s ‘Famous Players’ reviews

Johanna Draper Carlson at Comics Worth Reading says of Geary’s newest Treasury of XXth Century Murder, “Famous Players“:

“Geary’s detailed pen-and-ink line provides a wonderful sense of nostalgia and time gone by. As is typical of the cases he chooses to profile, there are plenty of mistakes to feel superior about. “Today, the neighbors know not to move the body or traipse through the house before the cops arrive,” the modern reader thinks, but human nature is still the same. The ending roll call of stars who died young reinforces how little some things have changed.”

Jon the Crime Spree Guy at Central Comic Zone says:

“These books are all wonderful and they are books that I have re-read a number of times. I also think that they would really appeal to fans of Max Allan Collins series with Nate Heller.
If you enjoy true crime, mysteries, or just great comics, check these out, and start with Famous Players.”

He also ran this cute pic with Geary and NBM publisher Nantier at the San Diego comicon:

And then Richard Vasseur on Jazma Online pipes in:

“He knows how to tell and show a tale that will captivate your interest.” And gives it 5 out of 5 stars.

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