Boneyard 28 is at press!

A quick post to say Boneyard issue 28 is finally in from Richard Moore and has been rushed to print. It’s a doozie. Gorgeous artwork on this unfortunate swan song of an issue as Richard moves on…

But who knows? Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he’ll come back to it.

This should ship from the printer in a couple weeks and be in stores within a week or two after that.

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Publisher at NBM. Founder back in 1976 when graphic novels were unknown even to fans. Caricature here is by our newest star Brooke Allen! (A Home for Mr.Easter)

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  1. RE: July 13, 2009 editorial comic @

    Fuck You, dude.
    Please put the razor to your forearm, and remember; it’s “down the road”, not “across the street”.

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