Creator Shane White gets TB

So I thought I’d really jump the shark here and get all bizarroworld on you! My Mom saw this blog for the first time today. It made her laugh. So hopefully this will make her embarrassed.

So this is kind of weird thing for many reasons. You ready TRUE CONFESSION: I used to buy Teen Beat and Tiger Beat magazine…well, my Mom would buy it because I was insane about a band called KISS. If you don’t know who they are…they’re the comic book equivalent of hard rock from the 70s. The album covers (music discs that measured 12″ x 12″) were the bomb! Ken Kelly’s DESTROYER cover was one of the best covers for one of the best albums in their canon of work. Love Gun was pretty snazzy too, but nothing compared to its predesessor.  Anyway, I wall-papered my walls with their images, I redrew the album covers, and I would listen to their music like any crazed middle-school kid can get about something that they can call all their own.

Then they broke up. I think that’s when the innocence was gone and I realized there were men behind the costumes and make-up and they didn’t like hanging out and rocking. So I tore down all the ephemera, gave it away and was left with a blank wall to ponder upon. I think it was about that time I started getting serious about art.

Another reason this is weird is my book THINGS UNDONE a dark comedy about a guy who turns into a zombie because his life is starting to avalanche, comes out 2 days after my birthday on August 26th! Yay me, <snore>zzzzzzzz.

Next…the header is appropriate because what better way to present creator information and inner workings of the mind than through an interview that I did at earlier this year. Generally this is pretty cheesy stuff, but if you can bear it there might be something worth a damn in there. 🙂

Finally it is true. If you order 1000 of THINGS UNDONE for your store, I will make you a Special Love Calendar out of dried animal pelts, glue and tchotkes. I’ll even personalize it for you…whatever that means.


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shane white
shane white
Shane White spent much of his childhood in the Seaway Valley of Northern New York. He recounted much of this in his 2005 graphic novel, North Country. His passion since junior high school has always been comics and sequential art. With the constantly changing tide of the industry he decided to pursue other areas of art to gain a broader spectrum in which to facilitate his comic work. He's been an illustrator, graphic designer, concept artist and storyboard artist, for the film, video game and publishing industry since early 1990. Not until recently has he put all of this experience to use. Last year he co-created a hard science fiction series for Image Comics called, The Overman. He's worked on short stories in books such as Fear Agent, Hawaiian Dick, and Comic Book Tattoo. Shane White lives with his wife Jessica in the sometimes gray Shangri-La of the Northwest where he enjoys art, film and fine food.

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