The Quick and The Undead


In the initial delivery of my new book THINGS UNDONE, this was the first cover I pitched to Terry.  He hated it…and yelled and cursed…and I think I even cried a little.

What really happened was Terry didn’t think it worked. He didn’t understand the little characters that were following our main character Rick Watts. I think he also said it cluttered the page as well. After awhile he wore me down…I gave up…I had nothing left to live for…no wait, that’s not right. What I ended up realizing is that I didn’t want the cover to echo the violent danger that North Country seemed to display.northcovIn reality Rick is not Charles Bronson and payback wasn’t going to be Deathwish style…well, maybe a little, but I don’t think that was the tone I really wanted to portray.

Tomorrow though, in your local comic shop, you’ll be able to see the final cover and all 88 pages in black and orange glory for only $12.95!


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About the Author

shane white
shane white
Shane White spent much of his childhood in the Seaway Valley of Northern New York. He recounted much of this in his 2005 graphic novel, North Country. His passion since junior high school has always been comics and sequential art. With the constantly changing tide of the industry he decided to pursue other areas of art to gain a broader spectrum in which to facilitate his comic work. He's been an illustrator, graphic designer, concept artist and storyboard artist, for the film, video game and publishing industry since early 1990. Not until recently has he put all of this experience to use. Last year he co-created a hard science fiction series for Image Comics called, The Overman. He's worked on short stories in books such as Fear Agent, Hawaiian Dick, and Comic Book Tattoo. Shane White lives with his wife Jessica in the sometimes gray Shangri-La of the Northwest where he enjoys art, film and fine food.

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