The Quick and The Undead


In the initial delivery of my new book THINGS UNDONE, this was the first cover I pitched to Terry.  He hated it…and yelled and cursed…and I think I even cried a little.

What really happened was Terry didn’t think it worked. He didn’t understand the little characters that were following our main character Rick Watts. I think he also said it cluttered the page as well. After awhile he wore me down…I gave up…I had nothing left to live for…no wait, that’s not right. What I ended up realizing is that I didn’t want the cover to echo the violent danger that North Country seemed to display.northcovIn reality Rick is not Charles Bronson and payback wasn’t going to be Deathwish style…well, maybe a little, but I don’t think that was the tone I really wanted to portray.

Tomorrow though, in your local comic shop, you’ll be able to see the final cover and all 88 pages in black and orange glory for only $12.95!


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