Kristina, queen of vampires is back in Sizzle in November

(a little bit of a pastie just for this posting)
(a little bit of a pastie just for this posting)

NBM in November has the next issue of Sizzle #44 whose main feature will be the return of the VERY popular, beautifully painted KRISTINA, Queen of Vampires. This is an erotic vampire series. The first two graphic novels from Eurotica, our erotic comics imprint, have sold tremendously well and show no signs of abating even during these hard times.

Well here’s the 3rd episode starting to serialize in Sizzle, Eurotica’s quarterly magazine which itself has maintained quite well over the years.

Besides Kristina, Sizzle 44 will feature Omaha the Cat Dancer,  Kevin Taylor’s much anticipated finale of Girl, Second Coming, Baldazzini’s Casa Howhard and more. See more in our Eurotica site, click on the ‘coming in November’ banner.

Make sure to place your order with your local comics shop!

Unfortunately, the next chapter of the adaptation of Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past had to be cancelled for now. We may reprogram this for later. Sorry for any disappointment.

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2 Comments on "Kristina, queen of vampires is back in Sizzle in November"

  1. I want to take a moment and thank you guys for continuing to publish erotic comics. Many companies seem to have stopped entirely and other have really scaled back their production way back. I don’t usually buy Sizzle, because it seems to me that everything in it eventually gets collected, but I might have to start buying it just to show support for your efforts.

    By the way, once my preorders for Story of O, Barbarian Chicks & Demons Vol 2, and Aldana arrive, I will have sixty six Eurotic/Amerotica books (I have listed my LibraryThing catalog as my website for this post, in case you are curious which books I have). I have enjoyed them all and look forward to buying more books from you in the future.

    Thanks again,

    Jeff Flowers

  2. Thanks, Jeff! Glad you’re enjoying them and we take pride in publishing fine comics erotica, not just sausage factory porn.
    As for cutbacks from others, well, Diamond’s (the comics stores distributor) decision to halt publication in print of the Adult version of their monthly Previews catalog has hurt tremendously. Harried comics store owners aren’t apparently bothering with looking at the online version and advance orders have tanked.
    We’re working with Diamond and on our own to rectify this…

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