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More sneak peaks at A Home for Mr.Easter

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Here’s a couple of the first pages where our heroine, unwilling to take the bus to school, waits patiently for it’s arrival… next to her mom who undoubtedly only improves the situation.

an age old drama

An age old drama unfolds as mother and child debate the importance of education and the attendance there of… in the end, per usual,  Mom wins the debate.

Note: her Mom using her ‘outside voice’ inside (that’s a Mom privilege). 

Waiting for the Bus

Being dragged to the bus stop by your Mom A.K.A. starting the day off right.The bus

This poor poor bus driver…. I like to believe that she was employed strictly based on her crazy crypt keeper appearance…I also like to believe that she’s really 30.


Tesana jump

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2 Responses to “More sneak peaks at A Home for Mr.Easter”
  1. vicki allen says:

    Great previews! Can’t wait to get my copy! Your biggest Fan!

  2. minda allen says:

    I think your work is extraoridinary!

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