Boneyard in $1.99 comic books on iPhone from Panelfly

Our long-running and popular series BONEYARD by Richard Moore, a wonderfully dark-humored sendup of all things Horror is now featured at Panelfly, our partner in getting our comics on the iPhone (and soon iPad).

They’re presently bringing out 2 comic book issues a week, just as they had appeared in comic book  first (except now in color) for only $1.99 each issue!

A great way to sample this wonderful series and enjoy it bit by bit. The full graphic novels remain available as well, as we advertise on Moore’s page, for 30% less than the print versions.

This is all leading up to our release of the final (for now) volume 7 scheduled for May and presently being solicited for in Diamond’s Previews at comics stores. The entire run of the 28 comic books (collected in seven volumes) will be brought out over the next few months coinciding with vol.7 being released.

Check it out.

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