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It all begins here in the lab, getting cozy and scribbling equal parts jibberish and possible story plots… this is the most fragile part of the process for it often gets eclipsed by dance night, facebook lurking, and 18 hour naps but every once in a blue moon the stars align, self control conquers all and […]

SYNDICATED COLUMN: Coulda, Shoulda, Wouldn’tve

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What Disasters Are We Creating Now? No one could have known. That’s what they always say after a disaster. Well, it’s what the establishment—a good ’60s word, let’s bring it back!—says. “No one could have known” is the perfect excuse. Don’t blame us, we did the best we could, but we’re not clairvoyant. But it’s […]

“That’s truly what LOVING DANGEROUSLY is…literature.”

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So says Ain’t It Cool News reviewing Ted Rall and Pablo Callejo’s Year of Loving Dangerously: “When a book like LOVING DANGEROUSLY does come along, I have to read it twice because I am so taken aback by the fact honest-to-God literature is being produced in graphic novel format. And that’s truly what LOVING DANGEROUSLY […]

SYNDICATED COLUMN: Tea Party: Why the Right Doesn’t Get It

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Larry Elder, a black conservative columnist and Tea Party speaker, has a piece out this week titled “Tea Party: Why the Left Doesn’t Get It.” Setting aside the question of why any African-American would vote Republican (did any Jews vote for the Nazis?), Elder’s column unintentionally reveals the intellectual inconsistency of the Tea Party. For […]

The next big thing in indie comics

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That’s what Gutter Geek on The Comics Journal site says of Brooke Allen and her A Home for Mr. Easter: “Allen is a pitch-perfect storyteller with total control over the page.  To call Allen’s art fluid would be like announcing that water is wet. Imagine that Jack Kirby created Little Lotta for Harvey Comics in 1953, […]

Comics Creators: as you consider the Harvey Awards noms

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… We ask you to keep in mind what we published in 2009, most particularly: The Big Khan The Year of Loving Dangerously Famous Players But also: Joe & Azat, Things Undone, the Dungeon series, Little Nothings, Mijeong, Vatican Hustle, Graylight. We had not much luck with the Eisners, maybe the Harveys? If you’re a […]

On Odd Hours…

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“Liberge’s illustrations are very strong.  Detailed and moody, each page swirls with dark colors, and Liberge’s strong character work enables readers to immediately emphasize with Bastien and those around him.” Newsarama “One of the strangest yet most haunting novels I have been privileged to read.” Grasping for the Wind Adding another review (4/19) which appears […]


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The Case for Professionalizing the U.S. Military The number of new U.S. Army recruits who are high-school dropouts soared during the Bush years, peaking at 29.3 percent in 2007. The economic collapse made life easier for military recruiters. “Only” 17 percent of soldiers who joined in 2008 failed to graduate from high school. But high […]

2 of our Manhwa make top ten must-read.

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A post over at Manga critic that makes us blush. Around an exhibit of Manhwa and a list provided there of the best, this critic sought to make a revision and added two of our 3 manhwas to a top ten must-read list: Run Bon-Gu, Run and at the very top: Buja’s Diary.

Mr. Easter gets attention

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From ComicMix: “Her black and white artwork is unique and comical. This is a terrific first effort and I look forward to more from Ms. Allen.” Realms of Fantasy will soon have this review by Andrew Wheeler: “[Tesana]’s soon being chased by a large and varied cast of ne’er-do-wells, stage magicians, animal rights activists, nasty […]