Our authors appearance schedule for San Diego

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Here’s our schedule of our authors appearing at our booth #1528 in San Diego next week. We’ll be having Mark Badger and Gerard Jones in to launch Networked: Carabella on the Run hot off the press, Ted Rall, Richard Moore (Boneyard), Rick Geary, and Sean Michael Wilson signing an ashcan of his forthcoming Story of Lee.

  10:30-noon 1-2:30 2:30-4 4-5:30 5:30-7 7-8:30
Wednesday           Rall
Thursday Jones Moore Wilson; Rall Jones; Geary Moore  
Friday Moore Badger/Jones Wilson; Geary Rall; Moore Badger/Jones  
Saturday Badger/Jones Wilson Rall; Moore Badger/Jones Moore; Geary  
Sunday Rall Badger/Jones        

 Naomi Nowak was supposed to come all the way from Sweden but unfortunately had to cancel last minute due to personal circumstances, she’ll be missed.

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One Response to “Our authors appearance schedule for San Diego”
  1. Eric Hobbs Eric Hobbs says:

    What a talented group of creators. Wish I was going. Enjoy it, guys.

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