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The Fabler Interviews BROADCAST Artist Noel Tuazon

September 8, 2010 by  
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Noel just did a great little interview over on The Fabler in promotion of our new book together, THE BROADCAST. Not only does he offer some great insight into his process, but he also does an extremely good job selling this book.

On an additional note, the books are in! I just got my copies, and they look fantastic. You’re going to love it. They’ll be hitting shelves soon, but if you’re in the area we’ll be premiering the book at this weekend’s SPX. I’ll be there to meet fans and sign copies. Hope to see you there.

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One Response to “The Fabler Interviews BROADCAST Artist Noel Tuazon”
  1. hogan says:

    You’re going to love it.——————————————-

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