Hello from Frankfurt

Just arrived in Frankfurt, Germany for the annual huge international book shindig. Publishers from around the world converge in a number of halls the size of many football fields each to present to each other their new books for selling foreign rights. Been here every year since the 80’s, well, except for 2001, out of respect for my frantic wife (who’s a little nervous this time too, since there’s a warning out).

Besides presenting NBM’s latest, like The Broadcast or Networked,  or Papercutz’ Harry Potty and Tales from the Crypt, I’ll also be meeting with many European pubs to see their latest and finalize on plans for future books to come from us.

Stay tuned, I may have some news, “Live from Frankfurt, it’s…”

I dunno, live from New York has a better ring.

Right now I’m jusg bleary eyed with jetlag waiting for some books to arrive… sleeeep, I need sleeeep. But I can’t ’cause it’s too early here.

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