Little Nothings in July

Here’s what we’ve got being solicited through comics stores this month, coming in July:

LITTLE NOTHINGS, VOL. 4: “My Shadow in the Distance”
Trondheim’s popular pithy and ironic little slices of life are back! Newsarama says of it: “So long as Trondheim continues creating work as strong as this, the comics world will be a bright place.””Smart and well-executed” says the Comics Reporter. Buzz has been tremendous! Posted in rotation on NBM’s blog.
6×9, 128pp., full color trade pb with flaps, $14.95,
ISBN 978-1-56163-609-9

As you’ve seen here, Little Nothings strips are being posted 3 times a week right now all coming from this book and you can see from that he’s got a whole section of these devoted to his trip to the US.

EUROTICA in July has:

2 volume banded set
Young Bayba is ripening into a hot she-male as she is brought under the severe tutelage of demanding dominas. Elegant and thoroughly tongue-in-cheek utter kink. Large format.
Includes Bayba Domina in Red and Bayba, Lady Brown.
9×12, 96pp, full color, trade pbs in a banded set: normally $25, specially priced at $19.99.



And while we’re at it, PAPERCUTZ our sister co. has these to offer in July:

NANCY DREW The New Case Files #3
“Together with the Hardy Boys”
Gerry Conway, writer
Sho Murase, artist
For the first time in comics Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys team up! There’s trouble in River Heights – Nancy Drew’s longtime boyfriend Ned Nickerson, has run off into the waiting arms of Dierdre Shannon. But that’s not the worst of it. Someone has been secretly plotting against Nancy for some time and those schemes are about to come to frightful fruition. It’s more trouble than Nancy Drew can handle on her own, which is why she needs the Hardy Boys’ help. Just one problem: Joe and Frank no longer want to work together! Will the Undercover Brothers agree to play nice and help the Girl Detective? Or will this be their last case?

6 x 9, 64pp., full-color paperback: $7.99
ISBN 978-1-59707-262-5

Also in Hardcover at $13.99, ISBN 978-1-59707-263-2

“The Astrosmurf”
Peyo – writer and artist

Fifty years ago, man set off into outer space. Now, a Smurf sets foot on another planet… Or does he? Could it possibly be a smurfspiracy to fool Dreamy Smurf into becoming the Astrosmurf? Or has Dreamy Smurf gone where no Smurf has gone before? We’re not telling, and neither are the little green men known as the Swoofs! No matter what, “The Astrosmurf” is out of this world! Also: Gargamel returns to sink “The Smurf Submarine”!

6 1/2 x 9, 56pp., full color paperback: $5.99,
ISBN: 978-1-59707-250-2
Also in collector’s hardcover: $10.99,
ISBN 978-1-59707-251-9

The Broadcast’s Noel Tuazon @ TCAF This Weekend

I just wanted to drop in and let everyone know Noel will be attending this weekend’s Toronto Comics Art Festival and will have copies of The Broadcast available along with some of his other work (Tumor, Ribstallments and Bacon Poussein).

Noel doesn’t do a lot of convention appearances. This is a great opportunity to meet the man who played such a vital role in bringing The Broadcast to life.

So stop by, pick up a signed book and grab a piece of art. And, oh . . . don’t forget to congratulate him on the recent Eisner nomination!! It was very well deserved!