Little Nothings webcomic 6/30

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Story of Lee – That’s Reality! (part one)

There are many aspects in the Story of Lee book that seem to be autobiographical, or based on real experiences or real places. I thought I’d go into that for a bit. The first thing is that its not an autobiography. Matt is not me and Lee is not any girl I’ve dated.  But there […]


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In just a few short weeks at the San Diego Comic Con, we’ll be releasing the latest volume of Rick Geary’s Treasury of XXth Century Murder, THE LIVES OF SACCO & VANZETTI. Over the next three Wednesdays come back and read our interview with Rick as he discusses both his creative process and upcoming book. […]

Little Nothings webcomic 6/27

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Little Nothings webcomic 6/22

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Booklist on Dungeon and Library Journal on The Broadcast +more

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“Sfar & Trondheim never have a problem pushing boundaries for a better laugh and here there are laughs aplenty. A wonderful addition to the series.” Booklist on Dungeon Monstres 4. Also on this book: “Lovers of Sfar and Trondheim’s ongoing send-up of hero fantasy shouldn’t be disappointed by this rollicking entry – which would also […]

Little Nothings webcomic 6/20

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Note: from here on for a few more weeks new Little Nothings posts will go up on Mondays and Thursdays. The book is coming in July! It will be premiered in San Diego.

NBM in August: Bubbles & Gondola

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This August, being solicited now in comics stores, we have a magical discovery for you: BUBBLES & GONDOLA Renaud Dillies On a background of Django Reinhardt, this jewel of poetic fantasy is a fairy tale for all ages with spot on observations about life. Charlie is a mouse who’s trying to write but has a […]

An overview of the Louvre GNs and a TCJ review of Dungeon

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“This is probably my favorite of the Monstres stories, because it works on a number of levels. A new reader could come in and understand most of the story beats with little difficulty. The Monstres series is essential reading for any fan of the world that Trondheim & Sfar create. As always, this is genre work […]