The Story of Lee in China

Funny how life is… I was recently planning to get my book with NBM, THE STORY OF LEE, published in China.  A colleague in Shanghai will take it round to various publisher there. And now, this week, a big surprise: TWO of my books are already out in Chinese!

My adaptations of A CHRISTMAS CAROL and THE CANTERVILE GHOST with UK publisher Classical Comics have just come out this month from Chinese publisher FLTRP (Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press).


That should help us get THE STORY OF LEE out there too.

NBM at NY Comic Con: Ernie Colon is signing

NBM will be at the New York Comic Con Oct. 13-16 at the Javitts Center in booth 1831.

We’ll have our latest books, premiering the lovely BUBBLES & GONDOLA.

AND we’ll have ERNIE COLON appearing Friday and Saturday in support of his upcoming INNER SANCTUM. He’ll be signing a preview book made just for the show (only $1!) as well as sketches he made in preparation of the book for all those buying at least 3 books from our assortment.

Here’s when he’ll be appearing:

Friday from 1 to 2:30 and 4 to 5:30PM, and Saturday from 10:30AM to 12:00PM, 2:30PM to 4PM.

We’ll have copies of the manga bestseller Stargazing Dog, the nutty Kinky & Cosy, Geary’s Sacco & Vanzetti, the wondrous Sky Over the Louvre. Also the Dungeon series and other goodies to lick your chops over!

We’ll be sharing the booth with our sister act (as it were) Papercutz who’ll have Stefan Petrucha and Rick Parker appearing, all the latest Smurfs, Geronimo Stilton, Garfield and much dirt on the smash launch of NINJAGO (books won’t be for sale yet though!).

See us at Booth 1831…

Foreign Orders: new lower shipping costs!

For all of you following us from abroad (outside US and Canada): some great news. Our shipping charges have gone down by a third!
This is thanks to our new association with distributor IPG who also does all our fulfillment. They have access to bulk rates. It’s the same airmail delivery in 7-10 days but instead of $12 for the 1st book, $6 each additional it’s now $8 and $4!
We still have to decry their taking away the seamail option, though. That was certainly a lot cheaper and we lost a lot of business from this…

Booklist on Sacco & Vanzetti + more

“The quiet effectiveness of Geary’s consciously old-fashioned drawing style is reinforced by his thorough recreation of period details.”

Says Booklist of Geary‘s Sacco & Vanzetti.

“This dreamlike meditation on creativity and finding value in life is not understood so much as succumbed to. Reminded me of the work of Winsor McCay in its dreamlike logic.”

Johanna Draper Carlson, Comics Worth Reading on Bubbles & Gondola which is shipping now and wil be in stores by October 12th.

“Those reading these strips for shockingly frank autobiographical confessions are hereby advised to look elsewhere. For the rest of us, Trondheim’s ongoing Portrait of the Artist as a Middle-Aged Bird continues to charm and deliver.”
Bill Sherman of Blogcritics on Little Nothings 4.

Stargazing Dog is in stores today.

One of our most anticipated releases is out in stores today: a bestselling manga from Japan:

Stargazing Dog
Takashi Murakami
A moving inspiring manga that is a major best-seller in Japan, selling over 500,000 copies and being made into a movie.
Daddy is down and out. Life has conspired against him, everything coming undone. Fed up, he sets out with his car to just get away from it all to nowhere in particular. All people around him have abandoned him in indifference but as we discover along with him, the one companion he can count on utterly and completely is his dog who follows him blindly, faithfully and completely, to the end.

6×9, 128pp, B&W trade paperback, $11.99
ISBN 978-1-56163-612-9

Manga Worth Reading’s Johanna Draper Carlson recommends it saying:

“This is a very timely story for the here and now. The father wants things to stay the same, but the world and others move on around him, and staying in place ends up taking him backwards. By using the dog as a narrator, the modern-day conflicts of civilization become simplified. Does one have anything to eat? Something to do? Someone to spend time with? All else is irrelevant. There’s a lot of sadness to this story, but also a sense of hope, that as long as dogs love people, we have something to live up to.”

APE 2011

Here are four more pages from my new 20th Century Murder, “Lovers Lane,” which detail the discovery of the bodies of Rev. Edward Hall and Mrs. Eleanor Mills on September 16, 1922.

I’m looking forward to being at APE this weekend (Oct. 1&2), my first time there in four years.  Anyone reading this and planning to be in San Francisco, please stop by my table and say HI!