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Sneak Peak! “Death of a Doll” From Ernie Colón’s INNER SANCTUM!

November 15, 2011 by  
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This December comics legend Ernie Colón makes his NBM debut with his adaptation of stories from the classic radio series, Inner Sanctum.

We’re so excited for this upcoming release that we’re proud to present one of the stories from the book in it’s entirety, “Death of a Doll”.

Originally broadcast on October 18, 1948, “Death of a Doll” is one of the most fondly remembered episodes of the thrilling series, and Mr. Colón certainly delivers with his adaptation.

So, taking my cue from original host Raymond Johnson, “Good evening, friends of the Inner Sanctum

We’re about to begin our story….”




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2 Responses to “Sneak Peak! “Death of a Doll” From Ernie Colón’s INNER SANCTUM!”
  1. matt butcher says:

    Where’s page 13??

  2. Stefan Blitz Stefan Blitz says:

    Thanks for noticing, Matt! It’s been corrected.

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