Keeping Dungeon in stock

We’re working right now on preparing Dungeon Zenith vols. 1 and 2 for going back to press and in doing so I got to realize the 1st one is now heading into its fourth printing, the second into its 3rd.

Damn, I’m impressed and quite proud of this success.

In March, we’ve got a banded set of all 3 volumes in the Zenith subseries lined up which¬† prompts these reprints, the volumes had been out of stock for a good few months and are certainly missed.

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Publisher at NBM. Founder back in 1976 when graphic novels were unknown even to fans. Caricature here is by our newest star Brooke Allen! (A Home for Mr.Easter)

2 Comments on "Keeping Dungeon in stock"

  1. Any plans for a new volume?

  2. as soon as they have one, sure! May be a while yet. But aside from the Monstres series, we’re caught up.

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