There’s Never Enough Time

Exclusive First Look from OSCAR WILDE'S FAIRY TALES V. 5; THE HAPPY PRINCE By P. Craig Russell

Funny how one project can spin off into another entirely unrelated project.

I’ll be attending MoCCA Festival 2012 on April 28th and 29th as a guest of honor. It came about after our publisher, Terry Nantier asked if I would attend to help promote the fifth volume of our Oscar Wilde Fairy Tale series.

When I agreed he then suggested me to the organizers of the convention as the artist to do their promotional poster. They in turn asked me if I would like do it. I agreed.

I had to set aside a project I was nearing completion on, a 174 page script and layout adaptation of Lois Lowry’s The Giver, to attend to the poster. I thought it would take about three days but worked on it for seven instead.

Ironically my third day into it I had to set the poster aside for a day in order to produce the endpapers and back cover for the Oscar Wilde book.


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Craig Russell
Craig Russell
A graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a degree in painting, Philip Craig Russell has run the gamut in comics. After establishing a name for himself at Marvel, he went on to become one of the pioneers in opening new vistas for comics with, among other works, adaptations of Operas by Wagner (Parsifal) and Mozart (The Magic Flute). His massive adaptation of The Ring of the Nibelung may be his magnum opus. He has also collaborated frequently with Neil Gaiman on Sandman. He has become known as an artist's artist with his very refined pure line. His series of adaptations of the Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde has gone back to press many times and been translated in over 6 languages.

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