Small Summer Philosophies #1




What do I do for a living? I’m a drawer. Funny word that. Makes me imagine small furniture.

But there’s more to the word “drawing”. It also means “to bring, take, or pull out; to bring toward oneself, as by inherent force or influence”.

I’ve been drawing professionally for over ten years now, and one of the biggest breakthroughs for me was when I realized I had to visualize the thing I wanted to draw before putting pencil to paper. The more detailed I imagined it, the better the drawing.

I like to think of drawing as “pulling things into existence”. One minute it’s nowhere, just an intangible vision in my head – the next it’s out there, first tangible on paper, then conjuring images in other people’s heads. It’s magic, when you think about it.

Greek philosopher Plato taught that the visible world is merely a shadow of the higher world of Ideas. When I draw, I have a little understanding of what that might mean.

From: 'Philosophy - a Discovery in Comics'

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Margreet de Heer
Margreet de Heer
Margreet de Heer lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with her husband Yiri T. Kohl. A long time ago, she studied Theology at the University of Amsterdam, but through divine intervention she ended up as a comic artist. She worked at the famous comic store Lambiek from 2000 until 2005, and wrote a book about Dutch comics together with Kees Kousemaker. Since 2005 she is a full-time comic artist producing a wide range of work, from children's comics in magazines to cartoons at business conferences. In 2007 she started making philosophical comic "reports" for newspaper Trouw. This resulted in a book edition in 2010, soon followed by graphic novels about Religion, Science and World Domination. Margreet plans to expand the series to a total of seven books, also covering the subjects Love, Death and Self. 'Philosophy: a Discovery in Comics' and 'Science: a Discovery in Comics' are successfully published at NBM. 'Religion: a Discovery in Comics' came out in October 2015.

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