Going Viral

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A week ago a sleepy Dutch suburban town was shocked when thousands of “partygoers” invaded the streets, raiding shops and damaging private property. What had happened? A teenage girl had announced her Sweet Sixteenth on Facebook and forgot to make it an “invitation only” event. A friend of a friend decided it would be a […]

Regarding voter suppression

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Ordinary people forget, or they didn’t pay attention in their high school civics classes: “Governments…deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, —That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of their ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it….”  –Declaration of Independence In other words, citizens […]

At Last! Geary’s Treasury collected: NBM in November

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Here’s what’s being solicited at your comics bookstore this month from NBM: at long last, what you’ve all clamored for, the very first Treasury Compendium! A TREASURY OF VICTORIAN MURDER COMPENDIUM Including Jack the Ripper, The Beast of Chicago, and Fatal Bullet By Rick Geary  In this first omnibus volume from Geary’s increasingly storied Treasuries […]


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If you spend anytime online, sooner or later you’re going to come across boingboing.net, one of the web’s best and widest read sites, which covers everything fantastic or interesting. Today, editor Cory Doctorow reviewed Stan Mack’s book, Taxes, The Tea Party, and Those Revolting Rebels: A History in Comics of the American Revolution, much to […]

Of Cats Past, Part Three

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For seven years, I was the proud owner of four cats – or more accurately: I was proudly owned by four cats, which is quite an army. They provided me with ample material for my daily webcomic in 2005-2006: — —   Yes, I was a blonde once. And “mauw” is indeed Dutch for “meow”. […]

A Nice Pic Courtesy of PW COMICS WORLD

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Via: Twitter

Another GiveAway for ‘Philosophy: a Discovery in Comics’

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To celebrate the good reviews that have been coming in for ‘Philosophy: a Discovery in Comics’, I am giving away three signed copies on Goodreads.com. Click the picture below to enter:

Stan Mack and Brooke A. Allen at SPX

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Now seek out those fantastic people at tables A8-A9!

Our 20% sale ends tomorrow!

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You’ve got less than 24 hours to take advantage of 20% off all our books as long as you order at least $20 worth! Come on over and buy ‘em up! See more at our previous post on this.

Don’t Forget To Visit Us At SPX This Weekend!

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This weekend, you can find some of the most prestigious names in comics at the 2012 Small Press Expo (aka SPX), including NBM Publishing (At tables A8-A9) We’ll be bringing both two talented cartoonists and the debut of our newest title (six weeks before street date!) Stan Mack will bring his new book, Taxes, The […]