Rick Geary’s TREASURY OF MURDER Series Continues To Chronicle Dark Deeds


Positive reviews are continuing to come in for Rick Geary’s latest, Treasury of XXth Century Murder: Lovers’ Lane The Hall-Mills Mystery.

“A strong addition to Geary’s graphic library of dark deeds. Highly recommended, as usual.”

Seattle Post-Intelligencer


“Rick Geary is one of our best and most consistent graphic novelists. Lovers’ Lane is simply further proof.”

New York Journal of Books


“Geary’s art is timeless and gives a beautifully simple sense of small town community in 1920s New Jersey. The black and white pages of the book are thick and stiff, and the lines are crisp and clean.  The writing is sharp and analytical, giving you the facts like you are reading them directly from police reports.. Geary’s book does this sensational story justice.”

Sequential Tart

And here’s a recent review for Rick’s last book, The Lives of Sacco & Vanzetti.

“What a pleasure it was to read Geary again, nobody (and I mean *no* body) does b/w graphic novels like Rick Geary.  His artwork and presentation of these true crimes is pure joy to hold in your hands.”

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What’s your favorite Treasury of Murder story by Rick?

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