Socratic Discussion

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Somehow this “Socratic discussion”, that I use as an example in my book Philosophy: a Discovery in Comics, seems to be a recurring event in my life…:

Story of O by Crepax on Comixology

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Comixology today has posted their next title in our Eurotica imprint, Guido Crepax’ famous adaptation of Pauline Reage’s THE STORY OF O, a classic of submission and bondage. Check it out! Our print book has been out of stock, we will go back to press at some point. So right now, this is how you […]

What made Graphic Novels Break Through?

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Comics historians can point to the antecedents of the graphic novel when looking for clues as to how the breakthrough to the mainstream happened. They can point back as far the early 1960s when Little Brown brought Tintin to these shores, and early graphic novels published by NBM in the 1970s, Gil Kane’s books His […]

NBM on Cyber Monday: 20% OFF

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Heck, let’s give this a try: we’re joining the stampede out there giving you 20% off all orders of at least $20 worth of books and magazines. Just make sure to enter code 112 into the coupon field to see your savings! Also, if using MC, Visa or Amex, make sure to enter the security […]

NBM in January: wine-making and comics

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That is the theme of what we consider to be one of our best books of the season, take a look at what is being solicited for by us at your favorite comics shop now: THE INITIATES A Comic Artist And a Wine Artisan Exchange Jobs Etienne Davodeau Etienne Davodeau is a comic artist. He […]

Canto Ostinato

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Last weekend, my father took me to a concert. I’m not a particular concert-goer, but this was special: it was the performance of Canto Ostinato, a piano piece that has been the soundtrack of my life since I was about thirteen years old. Only later I learned it is a great example of fundamentalist minimalistic […]

NBM Sells Out

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As we head into the Holiday season, we’re proud to announce that we’ve sold out of our initial run  of Stan Mack’s Taxes, The Tea Party and Those Those Revolting Rebels and are running low of Margreet de Here’s Psychology: A Discovery in Comics and Hirohiko Araki’s Rohan at the Louvre (which means if you […]

NBM Review Round-Up!

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With such a wide variety of titles, we’re pretty fortunate to get a pretty amazing cross section of reviewers. Here are a few kind words about several of our titles: Philosophy: A Discovery in Comics “Margreet, with help from her husband/colorist Yiri, does exactly what I’d hoped she’d do. I got an overview of philosophy […]

How Graphic Novel got into Libraries

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As the graphic novel form took off in the 1990s, one of the first places it landed was public libraries. The respectability of MAUS as well as the initial buzz generated by the publicity generated by DARK KNIGHT & WATCHMEN raised the visibility of the comics medium. Lots of people in the library were more […]


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What is creativity? Where does it come from? Is it something you have inside, or something you can tap in to? I personally lean towards the latter. My most creative moments are when I’m in the bath tub, where I get the distinct sensation of “windows” opening in my mind, through which ideas are flowing…