Sandy and false promises

Now we’re told we won’t have worlking phone lines and possibly internet until December 4!
So much for being back up as we thought a couple days ago.
Why? Because our lines are out of a central office that was one of the worst hit by flooding and so is undergoing extensive repairs.
What that means, folks, is, don’t call us! All you get is a busy signal or some weird message about us not in existence. They can’t even forward our calls or put on a message!

To reach us, you need to e-mail us. We’re managing through wifi and jerry-rigging to get online and get most of our work done there.
So, sorry, no phone calls! Just e-mail.
Orders: we will be processing credit cards orders starting today through Square. Orders accumulated from when the storm hit through yesterday have been processed and our warehouse is sending them out..
Wish us luck.

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