NBM Review Round-Up!

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Faster Than A Speeding Bullet: The Rise of the Graphic Novel This book should be in the library of every comic book fan. It provides an excellent history, hitting the high (and view-changing) points. This book will help you speak knowledgably on the subject. Even if you’re not an avid comics fan and /or only […]

A Calendar of Tales revisited

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In February, I blogged about the project ‘A Calendar of Tales‘ that writer Neil Gaiman had started in cooperation with the whole wide world – he wrote 12 short stories prompted by tweets on Twitter, and invited everyone to illustrate them. I spent an enjoyable fortnight making one illustration a day, one for each tale. […]

NBM in July: Science in comics and Omaha in her grand finale!

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As being solicited for in this month’s Diamond Previews, the classic erotic comics series OMAHA THE CAT DANCER stars in her final bow, from our Eurotica/Amerotica imprint:   The Complete OMAHA THE CAT DANCER, Vol. 8 Reed WALLER, Kate WORLEY & James VANCE Omaha and Chuck struggle to put the tangled past behind them while political […]


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It’s the Christian feast of Pentecost today – but what’s it all about? It celebrates “the descent of the Holy Spirit” on the disciples and other followers of Jesus, fifty days after Christ was seen to ascend to heaven. But what is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is often thought of as an inspirational […]

The Scientific Method

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This week, Science: a Discovery in Comics is going out to the printer in China! A memorable step, after months of translating and proofreading and finetuning. The physical book won’t be in stores until at least August, but for me the hard work is done. To celebrate, here’s a page from the book. It explains […]

Vote in the Harveys!

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If you’re an artist or creator, editor, make sure to cast your ballot in the Harveys, below, and keep in mind books we published in 2012 when doing so: Rohan at the Louvre by Araki  (foreign) Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde vol.5 by Craig Russell Treasury of 20th century Murder: Lovers Lane by Rick Geary […]