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Yesterday, we were at the Brooklyn Book Festival, which was awesome: great weather, lots of people, lots of sales. Here I am with the merchandise:

In the first few hours, before it got really busy, Yiri and I drew this comic:

The figure with us behind the booth is our beloved publisher, Terry Nantier. The character visiting the booth is NarcissMan, one of Yiri’s creations.

We’re having a blast here in the States. Our next stop will be in Boston next Wednesday, at marvelous Harvard Square comic storeĀ The Million Year Picnic.

On Friday we’ll be back in Brooklyn, at the esteemed Bergen Street Comics. They made a really nice announcement, which is featured everywhere, even on Times Square I think.

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One Response to “Booklyn”
  1. Terry Terry Nantier says:

    It was fabulous! That poster we designed for Bergen St. Comics.
    Can’t say we arranged for it to appear on a Tines Sq. billboard, though!

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