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Here a few versions of the cover for my upcoming book. Covers do not come easily for me. Perhaps it’s all in my head, and I just get myself all wound up and stressed out thinking, “This cover has to be awesome; otherwise no one will bother to pick the book off the shelf.” Attempting awesome can be rather paralyzing. I’m much happier drawing a comic book page. Or perhaps I struggle because this is my idea of a fantastic cover.

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3 Responses to “Covercovercovercover!”
  1. I like the third of the second row best. But I’m a bit partial to covers that are mostly white. :)

  2. Don’t use the green cover though – my experience in a comic book store taught me that green and blue covers sell the least! (We had a whole stack of exactly the same book in three exactly the same covers, only in blue, green and red. Red sold the best by far.)

  3. Oh, man! My second book was mostly green! If only I had known! The one we’re going with is the one on the top right corner.

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