Invincible Days by Patrick Atangan

Over the next couple months I will be posting deleted short stories from my upcoming book. “Invincible Days.”  It is a collection of true childhood stories.  This first one was provided to me by my friend, Yunghee Kim.




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About the Author

Patrick Atangan
Patrick Atangan
Patrick Atangan is the au8thor of the graphic novel series ‘Songs of our Ancestors’ including the best-selling The Yellow Jar, The Silk Tapestry and The Tree of Love.

2 Comments on "Invincible Days by Patrick Atangan"

  1. What a gripping story! Why was it deleted from the book? It’s very good!

  2. Thank you. This book was intended to be an exercise on how to make myself a better writer. “Responsibility” was the first story I wrote in a project that spanned years, so there were significant changes to my voice. I did about 80 of these stories and edited it down to under 40 to publish. This story unfortunately seemed to stick out as odd when I would read it in a collection because of subtle style changes as my writing matured.

    Besides, It was the first pancake.


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