Sandy update: status on orders

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Because now it looks like we won’t be able to have our office back and running, with power, until Monday, please be aware that all orders sent in to us through our websites here at NBM and Papercutz will have to wait until Monday before they are processed and sent on for fulfillment.
Also, please hold any questions on where your order may be until next week when we can address them.
IPG, who fulfills all orders, is open and fine in Chicago so anything sent prior to Sandy is on its way.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Our status after Sandy

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As of now, we cannot get to our office and wouldn’t be able to do anything there anyway as the power is still out, even the phones are not working. Our building is one block from the World Trade Center. As far as  we can tell, Broadway is probably the highest point of that lower part of Manhattan so it is highly unlikely any flooding happened at the building. However, that Con Ed plant explosion you see on the news? That may be where our power comes from… in which case it may be days.

This goes for both NBM and Papercutz. You can reach us by e-mail but it’s very dicey as to us being able to even access that and respond for a while.

A new Louvre book in December

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Here’s what NBM has in store for December, you can place your order at your favorite comics bookstore now:

In the Louvre Collection:


Christian Durieux

Those two, they never should have met.
In the night, in a long corridor pinned with ancient dreams,
they make of this encounter a party.
Those two, they must have a gift.
The next remarkable graphic novel in the Louvre collection after Glacial Period, The Sky Over the Louvre and Rohan at the Louvre tells the tale of the retiring museum director on a fugue from his retirement dinner through the vast halls of the museum, eloping with a muse…

10 ½ x 11 ¼, 72pp, full color hardcover, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-56163-705-8

This is the next one after Rohan at the Louvre, Sky Over the Louvre or Glacial Period. See previews.

Also new from Eurotica:


Christian Zanier is back with the outrageous Banana Games: sex on the edge and guns blazing! Also: Omaha the Cat Dancer is concluding! Plus more of Peanut Butter, Gambedotti’s Three of a Kind and more.

Quarterly magazine, 8 ½ x11, 48pp., full color, $6.99


NEW from Papercutz


The YouTube sensation now a smash hit on Cartoon Network comes to Papercutz with all-new comics stories! With art by Scott Shaw! and Mike Kazaleh.















Vol.1 “Secret Agent Orange”, 6×9, 64pp. full color, pb.: $6.99, ISBN 9781597073615 and hc: $10.99 9781597073622

Also this month:

Disney Fairies volume 10

Sybil, vol.3


The Murder of Abraham Lincoln by Geary on Comixology this week

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Rick Geary’s Treasury of Victorian Murder volume on the Murder of Abraham Lincoln has been added today on Comixology with its usual accompanying 10 page free preview.

See more about the book here.

Teachers’ Guide is up for Stan Mack’s book on the American Revolution

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Teachers! We now have up an in-depth Teachers’ Guide to Stan Mack’s Taxes, The Tea Pary, and Those Revolting Rebels, A Comics History of the American Revolution.
It’s the work of Stan Brimberg, on the faculty and a teacher at the famous Bank St.  College School for Children. Brimberg has been a champion of this book ever since it came out fifteen years ago, seeing its positive effect on his students in his class:

“I love the book because students with a range of skills can access the ideas and information in it. I hope this Teacher’s Guide, which grows out of my own teaching experiences, will provide you with lots of material to pick and choose from.”

Remarkably, going beyond assignments or vocabulary, Brimberg also uses the medium of comics in fun exercises bringing dimensions to book study that only a graphic novel can.

Thanks to Stan Mack’s graphic novel and now Brimberg’s guide to it, you can bring the American Revolution to life and make it ‘real’ for your kids in the classroom.

At Last! Geary’s Treasury collected: NBM in November

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Here’s what’s being solicited at your comics bookstore this month from NBM: at long last, what you’ve all clamored for, the very first Treasury Compendium!

A TREASURY OF VICTORIAN MURDER COMPENDIUM Including Jack the Ripper, The Beast of Chicago, and Fatal Bullet
By Rick Geary 
In this first omnibus volume from Geary’s increasingly storied Treasuries of Murder: the first trilogy of murders that made up the very first volume of this series, Jack the Ripper as only he can narrate it, The Beast of Chicago about H.H. Holmes, possibly the first serial murderer with chilling methodical means and The Fatal Bullet about the assassination of president James Garfield.

6×9, 228pp., B&W hardcover, $24.99, ISBN 9781561637041

See Previews *  see more Geary


A somewhat delayed solicitation due to, ahem, oversight. This will actually ship in October:







Cornnell Clarke’s very next Peanut Butter adventure in college sex steps up to the orgy level with some serious kionk thrown in! At last, Omaha is nearing completion in this issue! Don’t missd the builup to the grand finale! Also, more of Mona X, Gambedotti’s 3 of a Kind, District 69, It Could Happen to You. With a beautiful cover of the erotic actress Katsuni.

Quarterly magazine, full color, 8 ½ x11, $5.95



First off, go check out the spiffy new site!

New this month:

ERNEST & REBECCA #3 “Grandpa Bug”

Guillaume Bianco, writer

Antonello Dalena, artist

Rebecca is a vivacious 6-year-old girl whose best friend happens to be a germ named Ernest. He’s not only Rebecca’s best friend — he’s also her partner in mischief, adventure companion, and confidant. In this third volume of the award-winning series, Rebecca and her older sister Coralie are sent to spend the summer in the countryside with their grandparents, away from their mother and father, without Ernest. Rebecca is lost and scared without her friend, but things begin to change when she meets a dog named Missile and her “Grandpa Bug,” both of whom want nothing more than to be her friend.

6 ½ x 9, 48pp., full-color hardcover: $11.99

ISBN: 978-1-59707-353-0

THE SMURFS #13 “Smurf Soup”

by Peyo

“Cartooning’s craftsmanship at its height.” — The Comics Journal

When Gargamel meets a giant with an insatiable appetite, he comes up with a plan to use the giant to destroy the Smurfs: tell him that Smurfs make the most delicious soup in the world! Papa Smurf catches wind of the plot, and begins to create a potion that will enable them to turn the giant, nicknamed “Bigmouth,” against Gargamel. But when Bigmouth stumbles into the Smurfs village, the potion isn’t ready, and the Smurfs must distract the hungry giant, or meet an untimely end inside its belly.

6.5 x 9, 56pp., full-color paperback: $5.99

ISBN: 978-1-59707-358-5

6.5 x 9, 56pp., full-color hardcover: $10.99

ISBN: 978-1-59707-359-2

DANCE CLASS #3 “African Folk Dance Fever”

Béka, writer

Crip, artist

Julie, Lucy, and Alia are best friends who share the same passion: dance! A new year of classes has begun and this year, in addition to their regular ballet and modern dance classes, the three girls are introduced to a new style — African folk! Powered by deep percussion-based music, this style is unlike anything they’ve ever tried before. While the girls enjoy their new art form, problems at home and in the classroom threaten to cause them to have to stop taking their dance classes. Can the girls balance their studies and their extracurricular activities, or will they have to give up dancing for good?

6 ½ x 9, 48pp., full-color hardcover: $10.99

ISBN: 978-1-59707-363-9


or you can always place your order direct with us on either NBM’s or now Papercutz’ site.


Our 20% sale ends tomorrow!

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You’ve got less than 24 hours to take advantage of 20% off all our books as long as you order at least $20 worth!

Come on over and buy ‘em up!

See more at our previous post on this.

Flower & Fade hits Comixology

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This week Comixology presents Jesse Lonergan’s Flower & Fade, an unusual look at an impromptu relationship by the author of Joe & Azat. As always, a long free preview can be seen. Check it out!

20% DISCOUNT with our end of summer sale!

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Order at least $20 worth of our books, any books or magazines, enter code 912 in the coupon field in the cart and you’ll get 2o% off your order. This offer is valid until September 14th. Come on over and stock up on all our good stuff!

This can include books about to ship so you get ‘em as soon as they come in to the warehouse such as:

ABELARD by Renaud “Bubbles & Gondola” Dillies.

Or just out:

Stan Mack’s fresh and topical look at our American Revolution, or:

Margreet de Heer’s fun intro to…well, thinking.

Or maybe you missed Craig Russell’s newest Oscar Wilde adaptation? Hey, even the rare signed & numbered edition is $10 off with this offer!

Howzabout Rick Geary’s latest:

In Eurotica too, you can get Liberatore’s stunning art book for $8 off!

We need cash and you need books at a good discount. Can’t go wrong.

Just make sure to enter that discount code 912 in the coupon box or you can call us at 800 886 1223 Mon.-Fri. 9-6 and mention this code.

Treasury of Murder #1 and Philosophy in Comics on Comixology

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Two more up this week at Comixology:

Our brand new Philosophy, a Discovery in Comics which is getting raves everywhere now…

And Rick Geary’s very first volume of the Treasury of Victorian Murder.

All our books up with Comixology have 10 page free previews! And a couple of those have been added this week: for Kinky & Cosy and for Stan Mack’s Taxes, The Tea Party and Those Revolting Rebels.



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