last things.

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this is the cover and i’m spending the night at the studio colouring the very last pages. after this it’s three days out in the countryside before i start editing the whole thing. surreal! i can’t believe i somehow thought i would finish this project in 2008. my year has been way too turbulent for […]

“Yes, Virginia, evolution does exist!”

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Ask any artist about the evolution of an idea and hands down you will get a longer answer than expected. So I’ll apologize now for keeping you from your work. I for one have a tendency to let ideas gestate for years at a time taking shape on the subconscious back burner of my mind. […]

ICv2 reviews Famous Players

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Giving it 4 1/2 stars (out of 5) ICv2’s Tom Flinn, in their latest printed Insider’s Guide, says of Rick Geary’s forthcoming book (ships in June): “Geary does an admirable job of illustrating the intricacies of the case.” And he goes on to detail the facts, as well as the scandals that started to rack the Hollywood […]

Why I Killed Peter gets 4 stars from Comics Buyers Guide

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The latest issue of Comics Buyers Guide makes Why I  Killed Peter a pick of the month, gives it a full 4 stars and calls it “One of the best autobiographical graphic novels. In fact, it may actually be the best.” If you haven’t checked this out yet, it’s a very sensitive rendering of a […]


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So this weekend I finally had some time just to sit and think. I moved back to Boston last Sunday: packing unpacking, organizing, making lists of all the things I need, finding out where I can buy all those things that I need, figuring which combination of walking, bus and subway gets me to work […]

Omnivoracious on 5 years of Dungeon

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It’s true, we haven’t made that much about it, but with Dungeon Zenith, vol.3, we reached a milestone: 10 volumes, 5 years of publishing the series. Omnivoracious, the book blog on Amazon is good to right that wrong with columnist Jeff VanderMeer saying: “One of my great reading pleasures this decade has been the discovery of Dungeon […]

New Victoria Frances book out

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Arlene’s Heart has shipped and should have reached stores by now. Look for it, it’s a moving fantasy fairy tale for adults and a tribute to surviving personal loss and rejection. Beautifully painted. See previews here.

Welcome, Shane

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And as you said in your entry below, welcome back… um… from the dead? Well I guess that’s in tune with the new book you’ve got coming in August. Wait, everyone, to see when he posts some pages, this is in a completely different more cartoony style than he used in North Country (where he […]

Back from the Dead

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Hi. It’s been awhile since my last graphic novel, North Country in 2005. Almost 4 years to the day all this will be coming together again. Unlike North Country though, Things Undone is a dark comedy. The story at it’s core is about change, and how people have a hard time dealing with it. In the next several […]

BIG KAHN: An animated banner for you to share and enjoy

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Created this fun little animated banner tonight. Help spread the word by posting it on your site, blog or Facebook page and get folks to head to the NBM site to preorder THE BIG KAHN: