Friday the Thirteenth

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This comic about Friday the Thirteenth was made in 2007 for children’s magazine Jippo. I wrote the script, and Belgian colleague Floris De Smedt made the drawings – and added so much fun to it by coming up with all kinds of things happening in the background!

Latinos in Comics featuring “Ghetto Brother”

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“Ghetto Brother” will be part of the upcoming “Latinos in Comics” exhibition at Edgar Allan Poe Park in the Bronx. A special treat on March 7 during the Opening Reception: Panel Discussion: 2pm to 3pm. Benjamin Melendez, founder of the legendary Ghetto Brothers, initiated the 1971 gang truce that led to the creation of hip hop […]


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In 2010, I photographed Benjamin Melendez for the Swiss magazine “tachles”. We met in his old neighborhood, the former Ghetto Brother turf, and he told me his story. It all started with these photographs. Five years later, his story is now a graphic novel and the photographs I took back then became illustrations. Here an […]

Persia Blues wins 2014 SPACE prize for Best Graphic Novel

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I’m thrilled to announce that Persia Blues, my graphic novel with artist Brent Bowman, published by NBM, has won the 2014 SPACE Prize in the graphic novel category! As in previous years, the winners were picked by two rotating judges and the registered SPACE 2014 exhibitors themselves. I’d like to extend my congratulations to the […]

Flyin’ Cut Sleeves – The story behind Ghetto Brother

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  The graphic novel “Ghetto Brother” tells the story of the Hoe Avenue Peace Meeting and its central figure Benjamin Melendez aka Yellow Benjy. In 1993, filmmaker Henry Chalfant and Rita Fecher, a teacher working in the South Bronx, put together the documentary “Flyin’ Cut Sleeves” which can be viewed here. Many of the illustrations […]

Groundhog Day

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It’s Groundhog Day! We’re celebrating either six more weeks of winter or not; and I’m celebrating that my Groundhog Design for the Spoonflower contest came in sixth place, securing a place in the coveted Top Ten Bundle! This is the drawing I made: And this is what it looks like on fabric: In July, I […]

New NBM for April ’15: Ghetto Brother

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GHETTO BROTHER, the true story of how a NYC gang leader turned into a peacemaker in the 60s, leads NBM’s offerings in Diamond Previews magazine for February. This April, Julian Voloj and Claudia Ahlering bring you an illustrated biography of Benjy Melendez in GHETTO BROTHER: Warrior to Peacemaker”. Voloj made the blog last year when […]

Angouleme, Here I Come?

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The question mark is as of today what with that horrible snowstorm dropping bricks of snow on us. My flight tomorrow night’s already been cancelled. Well, hopefully the next day I can leave and make it there for the first time in 4 years. I used to be a regular but dropped out for a […]

In memoriam Peter Pontiac

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Een strip voor en over Peter Pontiac – a comic for and about Peter Pontiac. English version below.   ————————————  

On Speechlessness and Fundamentalism

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I was about to proudly announce that my graphic novel Religion: a Discovery in Comics will be published this year by NBM – when the attack on Charlie Hebdo happened and left me speechless. This might not be the best time to promote a work that puts pictures and religious thought together. Or maybe it […]