2 reviews for Mr. Easter

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…and people seem to be sharing our enthusiasm for Brooke Allen’s energetic new graphic novel: “Allen’s artwork is an extension of Tesana: bold, fantastical and beautiful in its purity. The book is fast-paced as Tesana and Mr. Easter are almost continuously in motion, and while the action panels are uncomplicated while still expressive, moving the […]

Rall’s 2nd Afghanistan trip funded, see the Newsarama piece

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Newsarama ran a great piece about Ted Rall’s getting funding at Kickstarter (see previous blog entries), this will give you all the fascinating background. Now, of course, Ted has reached his lofty goal of $25,000. It was down to the wire. See the book we published of his first trip right during the start of […]

Mission Accomplished

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With a few hours more than a day to go, more than 200 supporters came through with the $25,000 I was trying to raise through Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tedrall/comix-journalism-send-ted-rall-back-to-afghanista-0 At this writing, there is $25,845 in funding provided by 210 people. (Kickstarter allows supporters to make pledges over the funding amount; any funds over my initial $25,000 […]

A New Geary in June

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Here’s what we’ve got slated for June, solicited in comics stores now: A NEW TREASURY OF XXTH CENTURY MURDER! A Treasury of XXth Century Murder The Terrible Axe-Man of New Orleans Rick Geary Nights of terror! A city awash in blood! New Orleans right after the First World War. The party returns to the Big Easy but […]

SYNDICATED COLUMN: Out-Republicaning the Republicans

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Obama Revives Clinton’s Disastrous Triangulation Strategy NEW YORK—”It was Bill Clinton who recognized that the categories of conservative and liberal played to Republican advantage and were inadequate to address our problems,” President Obama wrote in his book The Audacity of Hope. “Clinton’s third way…tapped into the pragmatic, non-ideological attitude of Americans.” Clinton’s “third way” was […]

A Home for Mr. Easter is in stores

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Brooke Allen‘s brilliant debut is now available in comics stores, just in time for Easter! Go check it out! Also, Brooke will be appearing to premiere this at the MoCCA Fest April 10-11 at our booth.

Who we got at MoCCA

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The MoCCA Festival is coming right up, here in NYC the weekend of April 10 and we’ll be busy with quite a few of our authors appearing! Come and meet: Brooke A. Allen premiering our brand new ‘A Home for Mr. Easter.’ Greg Houston (Vatican Hustle) Neil Kleid and Nicolas Cinquegrani (The Big Khan, Brownsville) Ted […]

Ted Tatt

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I designed my first tattoo! One of my readers asked me to draw a canary in a birdcage for his arm. Here it is! (Anyone interested in having me draw custom artwork for a tattoo (there is a fee), please get in touch.)

Good UK Review of YOLD

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Check it out.

The Future of Publishing?

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Here’s a great video about the Future of publishing and books in general that’s gone viral for a good reason. Dorling Kindersley UK did it. It’s quite amazing, you’ll see, very clever. And after you see it, let me ask you how we ourselves can improve, be more responsive to you. I’d love to hear […]