Ted Tatt

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I designed my first tattoo! One of my readers asked me to draw a canary in a birdcage for his arm. Here it is! (Anyone interested in having me draw custom artwork for a tattoo (there is a fee), please get in touch.)

Good UK Review of YOLD

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Check it out.

The Future of Publishing?

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Here’s a great video about the Future of publishing and books in general that’s gone viral for a good reason. Dorling Kindersley UK did it. It’s quite amazing, you’ll see, very clever. And after you see it, let me ask you how we ourselves can improve, be more responsive to you. I’d love to hear […]

On the Odd Hours reviewed

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First of all, Booklist says of this new book out now in our Louvre collection: “Virtuosically rendered by Liberge, who merges elegant clear-line figuration, expressionistic pastel coloration, and in the odd-hours sequences, superimposition effects, Bastien’s story powerfully expresses the irrepressible life of great art.” Comics Worth Reading adds, after a few reservations: “Yet I was left impressed […]

Closer to the Shelves…

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HELLO BLESSED AND DEAR BLOG READERS!   Hope every one’s having an eventful month of March!  To be honest it’s passed by so quickly the only thing I remember is St. Paddy’s… or well, maybe I don’t…  Any who, this brings A HOME for Mr. EASTER  a little closer to book shelves and hopefully a little […]

curious wonders

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“A slim but packed volume of curious wonders, this is the sort of book one presses on friends, even if it’s quite impossible to say exactly why.” says Publishers Weekly of Trondheim’s latest collection of Little Nothings. Also Blogcritics on On the Odd Hours: “Embedded within this graphic novel is a critical consideration of the […]

Houston interview part 2

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Bill Baker has posted the second part of his great interview with the outrageously talented Greg Houston of Vatican Hustle, where he, in fact, talks about his next one which we have now scheduled for publication in July: Elephant Man. He’s peppered the interview with full color paintings by Houston which will give you a […]

Boneyard in $1.99 comic books on iPhone from Panelfly

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Our long-running and popular series BONEYARD by Richard Moore, a wonderfully dark-humored sendup of all things Horror is now featured at Panelfly, our partner in getting our comics on the iPhone (and soon iPad). They’re presently bringing out 2 comic book issues a week, just as they had appeared in comic book  first (except now […]

New Animated Cartoon: How to Save Newspapers

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The average age of a newspaper reader is 55. Editorial cartoonist Ted Rall and animator David Essman come to the rescue of dying print media with their new animated editorial cartoon “How to Save Newspapers!” Among the highlights: reach out to appeal to the older readers who are keeping newspapers hip, smart and relevant!

Comics Journal actually waxing lyrical about Graylight

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“Graylight is an excellent example of how flamboyance can enhance, rather than impair, a convoluted, magical story. Nowak may not explain everything in the story, but her generous visuals invite the reader to suppose what Graylight is in their own fashion, whether it be a romantic phantasmagoria or a subtle, spell-ridden myth.” And Ian Burns […]