Darling of the blogs

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Little Nothings continues to get raves from prominent reviewers: “While Trondheim’s own nonchalance is likely as deceptive as his seemingly simplistic artwork, there’s something to be gained in even the most cursory reading of the worked contained herein. It’s funny, it’s charming as hell, and it’s almost painfully relatable. And best of all, it’s not […]

Little Nothings and Things Undone

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“The pleasures of Uneasy Happiness are small ones: seeing a fine cartoonist articulate a feeling you’ve had yourself, watching him stumble through the confusing bits of life as we all do, occasionally vicariously living the life of a famous cartoonist through him. It’s likely to be far too quiet and contemplative for most habitual readers […]

Big Nothings

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Trondheim’s Little Nothings keeps rolling on on the web: Rob Clough at The Comics Journal: “I always found myself drawn to his autobiographical material the most.  He’s self-deprecating without being mawkish, introspective without navel-gazing and consistently funny. At this point, I hope Little Nothings runs forever.  It’s already my favorite diary comic of all time […]

Slate on O

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Sasha Watson strikes again this time on the Slate site with a great piece on our Story of O and its background . The anonymous author’s ‘coming out’ in the New Yorker in 1994 brought forth some juicy details… “What’s shocking about Story of O is just how shocking it really is. You’d think, in our pornified culture, […]

On the cusp of a little march madness…

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                                                           So I woke up this morning ( afternoon), broke my fast like a champion (on 3 chocolate chunk brownies and 2 glasses of Twinnings) and looked over at […]

week in reviews

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Greg Houston’s outrageous Vatican Hustle is primed on Baker’s Dozen where the 1st part of a fun interview is presented. Bill Baker says of the GN: “Over the years, I’ve been lucky to have had that exciting first contact scenario repeat itself several times. Even better, I’ve often then been given the honor of introducing […]

“On Odd Hours” in Art News

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Art News has a beautiful 2 page piece on this series written by Sasha Watson (“Vidalia in Paris”) just as the next Louvre co-edition, On the Odd Hours, ships from our warehouse: “A young man with a Mohawk stands at the top of the Louvre’s grand staircase and strikes a gong, awakening the rebellious spirit […]

NBM in May: the last Boneyard!

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Here’s what’s being solicited for at comics shops now from NBM. Boneyard comes to its conclusion, well, at least for a while: BONEYARD, Vol. 7 Richard Moore The final volume, at least for a long while as Moore takes an indefinite break. Michael Paris and Abbey are up against powerful rival armies in the land […]

Much Ado about Little Nothings.

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“A giant in French comics, Trondheim  has always been a marvelous observer of the extraordinary little moments in everyday existence. All rendered in the simple but expressive and versatile style that has always been one of his greatest strengths. Verdict: Recommended for those who appreciate low-key but charming autobiographical comics.”  Library Journal “Trondheim’s third collection […]

Booklist on Graylight: for connoisseurs

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“For connoisseurs of serious literature and film as well as graphic novels.” says Booklist of Naomi Nowak’s new Graylight.