Almost out!

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I’m on the edge of my seat (which is bad because my work chair is very tall and rickety and injuries can happen) waiting for my copies of Graylight to arrive! Some stuff has appeared in previews online; so check them out here! I got to pick what parts were released so it’s some of […]

=LOST: One Can of Whoop-A$$=

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I updated my website: as well as my professional site: You may wonder why I have two sites, but once you see them you can see how all of that work on one site would make an Art Director crazy. Eventually some day I’d like to focus my energy in a smaller area […]

Joe & Azat visit the Wall Street Journal…

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Read more about Jesse Lonergan’s latest book JOE & AZAT in a piece on the Wall Street Journal online: “The story follows the unlikely friendship of an American and a Turkmen as they trade cultural gaffes and tolerate life in a totalitarian regime. (Azat’s brother, for example, claims that he is the Turkmen version of […]

NBM in January: Little Nothings 3

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Being solicited in comics stores now for shipping in January: Lewis Trondheim’s next Little Nothings! LITTLE NOTHINGS Vol. 3: “Uneasy Happiness” Lewis TRONDHEIM Trondheim’s comics blog’s next collection of his popular musings on the every day ironies of life, his little anxieties, funny observations while on travel, his way of finding some cloud over the […]

Newsarama On Joe & Azat

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Michael C. Lorah at Newsarama says: “I appreciated how Azat, overwhelmingly defined by his naïve love of capitalism and his unreasonable expectations for marriage, provides a range of personality. He embraces his opportunity to befriend Joe, he looks for the silver lining in his stumbling business ventures, and he believes fully that he’s found the […]

THE BIG KAHN at the Miami International Book Fair

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Yes, it’s true — next weekend I will be flown out as a guest of this year’s Miami International Book Fair to take part in their Comix Galaxy programming, presenting THE BIG KAHN (despite the website calling it ‘Great Kahn’) alongside Eisner-nominated cartoonist Brian Fies on Sunday, November 15th at 1:30PM and then signing books […]

Welcome, Lewis.

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Welcome to our latest addition to our author/editor blog: Lewis Trondheim as his pages get posted here from the upcoming comics blog collection LITTLE NOTHINGS: Uneasy Happiness, due out in January and being solicited now in comics shops. Lewis needs little introduction at this point, this comics blog series has charmed many for its authenticity […]

Feeling great (and sleepy…) after a BIG KAHN Bookgasm (review)

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Okay, that header wasn’t so family friendly. But THE BIG KAHN is, and we got a great review at Bookgasm. “THE BIG KAHN is a complete change of pace from the graphic novels that populate most shelves, and should be looked upon as a fresh voice in the way a story like this could be […]

Reactions to Joe & Azat

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Jesse Lonergan’s latest, JOE & AZAT is a fun discovery for reviewers: Andrew ‘Capt. Comics’ Smith of Scripps Howard News service thought: “One almost wants to meet Azat, the eternally optimistic and enthusiastic Turkmen with an idealized view of America, plus grandiose dreams of business success and romantic love. Joe knows that Azat’s ambitions are […]

People still discoverin’ that Hooligan!

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A great rave post on Dan Nadel’s Comics Comics for Happy Hooligan followed by fun comments. Where were you guys when we published this moons ago? We might have sold more than a couple copies!