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Well, it’s finally here. I should be getting copies of my book this week and hauling them down to D.C. this weekend. I’m excited. It feels a little like Christmas. Someday this week I’m going to come home from work and there is going to be a big box of my books waiting for me. […]

Next week in stores: Things Undone & the new Dungeon

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Comics stores should receive next week Shane White’s new Things Undone as well as the latest volume in the growingly popular Dungeon series. Shane White’s latest is quite a departure from the previous North Country he did with us. The art style is cartoonier, the premise humorful but real where the main character feels like […]

Big Kahn is becoming Enormous Khan

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The publicity on The Big Kahn just keeps rolling along and gathering steam! The latest is a great interview by author Sasha Watson on Publishers Weekly’s Comics Week newsletter. And… looks like a major paper will be running something very soon… stay tuned.


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Before the green tea incident (see below) I had wanted to apprise everyone of the situation that is going down this Saturday only in CHICAGO, city of golden showers! My friends at Around Comics (one of the top comic book podcasts out there) are hosting the 2nd annual WINDY CITY COMICON which will be chock-full […]

Porn Your Grandmother Would Approve Of?

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Well if she was a zombie then THINGS UNDONE would be considered soft-core porn with a heart. Kind of the Hallmark Greeting Card version of the brain-chomping, gut-pulling zombie stories that seem to be pervasive in current popular culture. Not tongue-in-cheek funny where the zombies or characters are winking at the audience, but funny in […]


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Here’s what you’ll find at NBM’s tables at SPX:                     Come meet Ted Rall and Jesse Lonergan as well as Greg Houston at SPX the weekend of 9/26-27 in Bethesda at SPX as they premiere their latest! Ted RALL will premiere, weeks ahead of in-store publication, THE […]

THE BIG KAHN is a Good Comic… and Comics SHOULD be Good!

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Greg Burgas at Comic Book Resources’ “Comics Should be Good” blog claims that THE BIG KAHN is “definitely in consideration for best graphic novel of the year.” He also says that “I enjoyed Brownsville, Kleid’s last book, but thought there was room for improvement. With The Big Kahn, he’s made a big leap in mastery […]

Secret Games

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I’m going to try and make some sense, though I’ve had a hard time explaining this in the past. I think of drawing comics as playing a game. It’s sort of like Scrabble. You have these pieces and they’re worth a certain amount of points, and you want to get as much out of those […]

Kristina, queen of vampires is back in Sizzle in November

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(a little bit of a pastie just for this posting) NBM in November has the next issue of Sizzle #44 whose main feature will be the return of the VERY popular, beautifully painted KRISTINA, Queen of Vampires. This is an erotic vampire series. The first two graphic novels from Eurotica, our erotic comics imprint, have sold […]


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Some of the characters in Joe and Azat are based on real people, but Azat’s older brother Merdan (the one in control of the motorcycle) really came out of nowhere. He showed up in one of the early versions of the story as a rather unimportant background character, but he quickly asserted himself. He became […]