Things Undone not unreviewed

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Things Undone by Shane White has been getting a stream of reviews of late: “I found the story highly entertaining and well written with a flair for dramatics. Great stuff from the NBM team.” “I almost didn’t read this book, because it’s about zombies. I don’t like zombies. But I did read the book, […]

Big Kahn is becoming Enormous Khan

September 16, 2009 by  
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The publicity on The Big Kahn just keeps rolling along and gathering steam! The latest is a great interview by author Sasha Watson on Publishers Weekly’s Comics Week newsletter. And… looks like a major paper will be running something very soon… stay tuned.

And more reviews rolls in!

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As THE BIG KAHN starts shipping to major bookstores and via Amazon, we picked up a great review from the Onion A.V. Club on Friday, garnering an A minus! “Kleid’s story is intimate and mature about relationships, both interpersonal and between people and their beliefs, and he resists any urge to underline or spell out […]

Feminist Review and New City on Mijeong

August 26, 2009 by  
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Mijeong, a Korean manhwa,  got a couple of reviews recently: “very thought provoking. It touches on some serious issues and treats them with respect” The Feminist Review “The stories in Mijeong work like poetry, evoking senses, feelings, that neither the words nor the images alone accomplish. Breathtaking artwork.” New City (Chicago alt. paper)

Words for Big Kahn

August 25, 2009 by  
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More reviews for The Big Kahn: “This story moves in unexpected directions in a quiet and real-feeling way. This is not a sensationalistic story that might appear on a cable network; instead, Kleid allows the characters sufficient time and space to move in their own interesting directions.” Comics Bulletin “Well written, well drawn, with characters […]

Capt. Comics on Bringing Up Father

August 24, 2009 by  
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Forever Nuts is getting press not only for its latest Bringing Up Father collection but also for Happy Hooligan. Andrew “Capt. Comics” Smith of the Scripps-Howard newspaper chain says: “Bringing Up Father” was a much copied strip, not only for its simple and engaging premise, but also for creator George McManus’ beautiful art. This is […]

Geary’s Famous Players on IMDb

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The hugely popular site about all things movies IMDb picked up a recent review on ComicMix about Geary’s latest Treasury of Murder: Famous Players: “No one does murder like Rick Geary. He is one of the quiet treasures of comics, and Famous Players is another great book – a wry, thoughtful, meticulously researched investigation into an intriguing […]

Geary’s Famous Players gets press and an interview

August 19, 2009 by  
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  Newsarama has just posted a very informative interview of Geary on this and his forthcoming bio of Trotsky from Hill & Wang. And… Gumshoe Review says of it: “informative and objective and based on meticulous research of the murder and historical era in which it occurred. The illustrations make the period, the setting, and […]

Highlow on Happy Hooligan

August 18, 2009 by  
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The review blog Highlow comics has a review of our Forever Nuts’ most recent two collections, Happy Hooligan and Bringing Up Father. Heavy praise went to Happy Hooligan: “Every fan of gag cartooning in particular needs to read HAPPY HOOLIGAN.” “The panel-to-panel transitions, the way he drew action and violence, the way he layered gag on […]

The Big Kahn gets The Big Press

August 12, 2009 by  
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First off: Booklist, an influential review of books: Kleid’s second graphic novel observes the fallout of a 40-year deception. At Rabbi David Kahn’s funeral, a Gentile asks to see his brother one more time. His brother? Just so, for the rabbi wasn’t a Jew. He came to Judaism as a young crook working a con […]

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