Omnivoracious on 5 years of Dungeon

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It’s true, we haven’t made that much about it, but with Dungeon Zenith, vol.3, we reached a milestone: 10 volumes, 5 years of publishing the series. Omnivoracious, the book blog on Amazon is good to right that wrong with columnist Jeff VanderMeer saying: “One of my great reading pleasures this decade has been the discovery of Dungeon […]

Publishers Weekly on Dungeon Zenith 3

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The raves continue for the Dungeon series. Its newest volume, the 3rd in the Zenith branch, is praised in this week’s issue of Publishers Weekly: “It’s hard to say if Sfar and Trondheim’s long running Dungeon epic is a dead-on parody of sword-and-sorcery cliches or if it’s just a first-rate fantasy series that happens to […]

More raves for Little Nothings

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From Comics 212: “I haven’t yet gotten around to publishing my Best-Graphic-Novels-of-2008 List, but the first collection of Lewis Trondheim’s Little Nothings is most assuredly on it. Little Nothings is the series of collections of Trondheim’s diary comics–moments from his days being one of the most respected cartoonists in the world, and the international travel […]

First Time gets more reviews

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“Being that this is my first time reviewing for Tart, I found the title on the cover of First Time entirely appropriate. I never thought I’d find erotic entertainment to be fancy, seductive, thought-provoking and titillating. After years of exposure to hentai (which makes me giggle like a little girl at all the tentacular penises […]

New Dungeon Zenith gets reactions

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The reviews are coming in for our newly released latest Volume 3 of Dungeon Zenith: “Hysterically funny. Endlessly inventive” The Comic Book Bin “Ah, Dungeon, what pleasures you bring me. Boulet is comfortably upholding the artistic standards of previous forays into Dungeon. Joann Sfar and Lewis Trondheim … man, these two guys can seemingly do […]

Curled Up with a Good Book on Silk Road to Ruin

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The review site Curled Up with a Good Book reviews Ted Rall’s Silk Road to Ruin: “Although you may think that a book which deals with political subject matter and a part of the world whose nations most Americans know little to nothing about (and have a difficult time even pronouncing correctly) might be dull […]

Geary’s Lincoln in School Library Journal

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“The concise narrative incorporates diverse threads and is packed with details that will mesmerize readers—Lincoln’s prophetic dream of his own death, John Wilkes Booth’s careful and cold-blooded preparations, the identification of the perpetrator’s body after his death by the initials he had carved into his right hand as a child. Geary also raises questions that […]

Boston Globe on David B and Miss Don’t Touch Me

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The Boston Globe on Sunday had a great roundup by Carlo Wolff of graphic novels and amongst the books reviewed, David B’s Nocturnal Conspiracies: “Teeming with animals, corrupt politicians, alluring women, his own malleable consciousness and other shape shifts, this scans like a dream.” And Miss Don’t Touch Me: “A more orthodox piquancy infuses Miss […]

Metronome in Daily Yomiuri

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Japan’s English language newspaper, The Daily Yomiuri, had some kind words on Metronome: “Offers a surprisingly engaging story that, without the hindrance of language, anyone can understand. Tanaka makes good use of rythmn, themes and cadences to set the scene and mood.”

Reviews on Little Nothings and First TIme

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Comics Waiting Room. com has this to say about Little Nothings 2 What stood out for me here overall, though, was the observational quality of the writing. Trondheim is one of the most accomplished artists in the world, but he has a poetic soul with the pen. When he ruminates on what it feels like […]