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If you spend anytime online, sooner or later you’re going to come across, one of the web’s best and widest read sites, which covers everything fantastic or interesting. Today, editor Cory Doctorow reviewed Stan Mack’s book, Taxes, The Tea Party, and Those Revolting Rebels: A History in Comics of the American Revolution, much to […]

Praise of Folly

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Good reviews for ‘Philosophy: a Discovery in Comics’ keep coming in, and my head keeps swelling and swelling. A good moment to remind myself of philosopher Erasmus and his book ‘Praise of Folly’, in which he humorously argued the relativity of all things:  

Dead Lovers, Revolutionaries, Lofty Thoughts and a Happy Prince

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There’s nothing nicer than reading great reviews for the fantastic books that we publish.  With recently released work by Rick Geary, Stan Mack, Margreet de Heer and P. Craig Russell, there’s plenty to read; and if our esteemed critics are right (and of course they are), there’s plenty of good things to say about our […]

DEATH, TAXES and PHILOSOPHY: Reviews For Three New Releases Arrive

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Which Book Does PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY Call, “A Near Perfect Union Of Pictures And Words”?

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I’ll give you a hint, it’s set here…

Happy Reviews For THE HAPPY PRINCE

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It certainly seems like reviewers have found P. Craig Russell’s latest volume of Oscar Wilde’s Fairy Tales, The Happy Prince, to be a truly special release. Comics Alliance recently named Russell’s body of work on their top list for titles that resonate with LGBT readers noting, “his adaptations of fairy tales and operas have showcased […]

Some Kind Words About BUBBLES & GONDOLA

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“Renaud Dillies does something only a few comic artists are good at: he purposefully uses a series of simplistic images only to surprise us when beautiful scenes show up all of a sudden. Chris Ware is a master at that, but Renaud Dillies brings in a vintage appeal that will fascinate anyone who likes old […]

NBM Review Round-Up!

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With such a wide variety of titles, we’re pretty fortunate to get a pretty amazing cross section of reviewers. Here are a few kind words about several of our titles: Stargazing Dog “A moving story for all devoted pet owners and animal lovers.” – Curled Up With a Good Book Kinky & Cosy “The jokes […]

The Happy Prince Makes Lots of Reviewers Happy

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Years in the making, P. Craig Russell’s long awaited fifth volume of his Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde series, The Happy Prince,  has been getting the fantastic reviews that it deserves.  This is a book not to be missed, and if you haven’t picked it up yet, waste not a moment more and check it […]

A Pre-review of ‘Philosophy: a Discovery in Comics’

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I admit: I regularly google the title of my book to see where it pops up on the web – a few weeks back, I stumbled across this on the blog Comics and… Other Imaginary Tales: I had never heard of Action Philosophers and was intrigued, so I ordered it. It arrived a few days ago […]