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Punch Out

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Fights seemed common in Turkmenistan. I saw a few at weddings, a few on the street, and I broke up a few between boys at the schools I taught at. There was this sense of pride in Turkmenistan. To back down from a disagreement or to admit you were wrong was seen as a sign of weakness. I remember holding back a bloody and beaten boy who was desperate to keep fighting and save face.

I never got into a fight while I was there, though I came close. Once was when I drunkenly got into a religious debate (not that I’m religious in any way) about whether Mohammed was a Christian prophet and I also came close another time when a neighbor got way to drunk and started telling me he was the Turkmen Chuck Norris. The Chuck Norris story is in my new book Joe and Azat, which is being solicited in comic shops now.


Geary’ Lindbergh on Girls Entertainment Network covering the Eisners

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Covering the most important categories of the Eisner nominations, Girls Entertainment Network has this to say about Rick’s Lindbergh Child in his Treasury of XXth Century Murder which is up for two Awards:

“He gives us a step-by-step account of one of the most famous crimes in history: the Linbergh kidnapping. I’d heard of the case before, but here it’s laid out with every piece of evidence and every witness and suspect so well that I almost feel as if I had been living through it in 1932. I’m excited to see what subject or individual Geary takes a crack at next.” –Jill aka TheNerdyBird

The Eisner Awards will be given out next Friday at the San Diego Comic-con. Geary will be signing all his books at our booth #1528. See our signing schedule we posted earlier.


Boneyard 28 is at press!

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A quick post to say Boneyard issue 28 is finally in from Richard Moore and has been rushed to print. It’s a doozie. Gorgeous artwork on this unfortunate swan song of an issue as Richard moves on…

But who knows? Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he’ll come back to it.

This should ship from the printer in a couple weeks and be in stores within a week or two after that.


Bookgasm on Mijeong

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Here’s What Rod Lott of Bookgasm says of Mijeong:

“Korean-born Byun Byung-Jun is little known in these parts, except for die-hard manga and graphic novel fans. With luck, MIJEONG, his second collection of short fiction, will change that. It should, because this impressively talented artist deserves a wider audience.

The seven stories here are mostly about young people, and are full of youthful longings, desires, frustrations and melancholy. Their common feature is the city setting, quite possibly based upon Seoul. Byung-Jun’s characters walk down urban streets and alleys, mostly crowded but sometimes deserted. And he often pulls back the focus to include wide shots of streets or entire skylines, as though shot from above. It’s a technique that emphasizes the reader’s role as observer, as well as heightens the lonely ambience of each story.”


NBM in San Diego, premieres, signings, books!

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Well, it’s 2 weeks away! We’ve got a full schedule for you guys going to San Diego. Main points are:

  • Lewis Trondheim, special guest this year, will be signing!
  • The Big Kahn by Neil Kleid and Nicolas Cinquegrani will premiere at the show. HOT OFF THE PRESS!
  • Also Hot off the Press: Shane White’s Things Undone: a special show preview in 2 colors (as the book will be) that he’ll be signing.
  • A special numbered print for all those buying a book by Luis Royo

And here’s the schedule of appearances:


Lewis TRONDHEIM  “Dungeon”, “Little Nothings”

Special Guest of the Show

Firday: 4-5:30


Rick GEARY  “A Treasury of Victorian & XXth Century Murder”

Thursday 2:30-4

Friday 10:30-noon

Saturday: 2:30-4


Neil KLEID “Brownsville”, “The Big Kahn” SHOW PREMIERE!

Thurs.: 1-2:30, 4-7

Fri.: 10:30-noon, 2:30-4

Sun.: 10:30-noon, 1-2:30


Shane WHITE “North Country”, “Things Undone” Special San Diego Preview SHOW PREMIERE!

Fri.: 1-4, 5:30-7

Sat.: 10:30-noon, 2:30-4, 5:30-7


Chad Michael WARD “Black Rust”

Thursday: 4-5:30

Fri.: 2:30-4

Sat.: 5:30-7


Cornnell CLARKE “Peanut Butter”

Wed.: 6-7:30

Thurs.: 2:30-4, 5:30-7

Fri.: 1-2:30, 5:30-7

Sat.: 1-2:30, 4-5:30

Sun.: 1-2:30


Publisher Terry NANTIER will be on the panel about Comics Strips Reprints Friday at 1:30PM


SEE YA THERE! Oh and btw, we’ll be in booth 1528.


Ted Rall

New Animated Editorial Cartoon

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Iran-TV Presents: America Decides 2000

Ted Rall

Change You Can’t Believe In

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Bringing Up Father in stores now

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George McManus’
Foreword by Bill Blackbeard and Introduction by R.C. Harvey
In 1904, a young George McManus was hired by Pulitzer’s New York World as a cartoonist. While he was there he created such strips as The Newlyweds which many comics historians consider the first family comic strip. In 1912, William Randolph Hearst hired McManus away to start a comic strip about a guy called Jiggs, a lower class man who came into a lot of money. With their new wealth, Maggie, Jiggs’ wife, wanted to enter the upper crust of society but Jiggs just wanted to hang out with his old friends at the local bar playing cards and pool and eat his simple favorite foods. This is the classic strip Bringing Up Father which became the second longest comic strip of the 20th Century. Now, for the first time, Forever Nuts presents all the dailies of the first two years of this classic comic strip, many of which have not been reprinted since they first appeared over 90 years ago. Discover why McManus became known as one of the greats in the field.
11×81/2, 192pp., B&W jacketed hardcover, $24.95,
ISBN 978-1-56163-556-6

See preview pages. And Allan Holtz of Stripper’s Guide provides great footnotes setting the scene, these are complimented in fuller detail here. He also did a bang up job of cleaning these very old strips. They’re all crisp as a new dollar bill. RC Harvey introduces with info on McManus, who looked quite a bit like Jiggs.

One of the great strips in history, finally reprinted, showing the early development of McManus’ wonderful art deco style. Don’t miss it!

shane white

Bring Out Your Dead!

July 7, 2009 by  

Soups on!

Soups on!

I have a new interview up at Newsarama for THINGS UNDONE. Oh and this image is one of the other sketches I developed further from last Friday’s Fremont Zombie Walk. These were some of the better photos.


Jesse Lonergan


July 6, 2009 by  

A little bit more about Turkmenistan and the background for my new book Joe and Azat.

One of the things that it took a little while to get used to in Turkmenistan was the money. The Turkmen manat was valued at about 25,000 to the dollar. The largest bill was for 10,000 manat. I made about two million manat a month and I was always paid in cash. This meant that I was paid with at least two hundred 10,000 manat bills. Sometimes I was unlucky and I would get paid in 5,000 manat notes, which meant four hundred bills. I always walked out of the bank with a brick of bills. You could get a polyester suit for about a million manat (mine was brown), but when you bought it you had to count out all those bills with whomever you were buying the suit from. 1,2,3,4,5… all the way to 100, and then maybe you’d have an argument about whether you had shorted the seller or the seller was trying to rip you off and you’d have to count them all over again.

It could be a real hassle.

But for me it was rather easy. I got paid every month on time with no problems. Turkmen teachers would go months without getting paid. Then suddenly the money would show up at the bank, but the teachers couldn’t just go to the bank and take the money out. The director (the principal) would have to go the bank and take out all the teacher’s salaries at once. You would see the director carrying tarpaulin bags the size of trash bags filled with money.

Totally ridiculous.

But I did feel a little bit like a high roller with a giant wad of 10,000 manat bills in my pocket.

Too bad each one was only worth about forty cents.

Of course, you could get a beer for forty cents.

Anyway, check out my book when it hits stores in September. And check out my blog for non-Turkmenistan related stuff.