Bustle gives Persia Blues a shout out

Bustle is a popular news, entertainment, lifestyle, and fashion site for young women. In an article titled Wonder Woman In ‘BvS’ Is A Huge Step, But Not Enough, KT Hawbaker-Krohn argues that while Wonder Woman’s…

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Group Behavior

What’s wrong with the world today? Hmm, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, not much more than what was wrong yesterday or a decade ago… One of the problems is this deep-seated psychological phenomenon of group behavior….

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NBM at C2E2 This Weekend

  This weekend, you can find NBM at our distributor’s booth (IPG; Booth #640). On hand will be our latest titles including DUNGEON Monstres, vol. 6, CRUISING THROUGH THE LOUVRE, PERSIA BLUES, Vol. 2: Love and…

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Sunday Nightmare

Every profession has its own specific nightmare. This one is for priests, pastors, reverends and the likes: (comic drawn for Predikant & Samenleving, magazine for protestant priests)

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