NBM for January: David Prudhomme is Cruising Through the Louvre

NBM Publishing is starting the New Year in lavish style with a new installment in The Louvre Collection. Sponsored by the Louvre Museum, close to a dozen artists have been commissioned so far to bring their stories to life. Their only requirement: their work must feature the Louvre or the Louvre art collection in some way.


David Prudhomme’s Cruisng Through the Louvre takes a different path through the museum.  With his careful use of colored pencils, Prudhomme shows specific examples of how, in this case, life imitates art. From Ancient Egypt to the cell phone era, people’s actions are instantly recognizable in comparison.



David Prudhomme

Author David Prudhomme meanders through the Louvre, feeling as if in the panels of a giant comic while he himself is creating his own. In this institution, all manner of people from all over the world rub elbows quietly. So he decides to cruise through the Louvre at a quick pace, not to look at the art but to observe the people and their interaction with it. He discovers: a group of students somehow stuck together just like the shipwrecked on the Raft of the Medusa; a man behind the Seated Scribe, as if attempting to read over his shoulder; in the hall of antiquities, a woman placing her head in a lion’s mouth… For two hours, Prudhomme is witness to a strange silent and casual choreography, danced in the midst of one of the most prestigious museums in the world…
8 ½ x 11, 80pp., full color hardcover, $22.99, ISBN 9781561639908

Diamond Order Code: NOV151526 


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Drawing on Glass at The American Book Center

This weekend I got to draw on the huge glass window of The American Book Center in the center of Amsterdam, the one that displays all my Discovery in Comics-books and especially Religion: a Discovery in Comics, which I will be in conversation about this Thursday with Stijn Schenk of soon-to-be-launched graphic journalism site Drawing The Times.

I was quite nervous as I showed up at the store. I have never before drawn on glass and did not know what to expect. I am used to drawing while people are watching, but somehow doing it on a store window with all my books in it felt like a huge, scary exposure.

To be somewhat prepared, control freak as I am, I had drawn out my plans on paper and came armed with this:


I was especially worried about the execution of the row of people at the bottom – could I reach it? How comfortably could I draw, hunched on a small strip of window sill…? At the store, it turned out I didn’t have to. There was a huge bin of empty cardboard boxes I could help myself to, and plenty of space in their store room, so I decided to paint this bit on cardboard.

All in all, it took me 3 exciting hours to fill the window as I had planned. The actual glass painting I did on the outside, with acrylic paint, on a positively balmy autumn afternoon with cheerful tourists passing by and even a few fans turning up. Stijn Schenk, who will ask me all kinds of questions about my work on Thursday at the ABC Treehouse, helped out and shot this delightful impression:


If you’re in Amsterdam and pass through the center, please check it out, it will be up for almost two weeks. And if you’re in Amsterdam and free on Thursday night, why not drop by at the ABC Treehouse (in the Voetboogstraat, almost across from the store) to hear me and Stijn talk…? I promise I’ll try to make it interesting.

Window Shopping: a Discovery in Comics

In anticipation of next week’s event, The American Book Center in Amsterdam has dressed one of its windows with all the books in the “Discovery in Comics”-series! This is what it looks like:


I never dreamed that one day great graphic novels like Maus, Fun Home and Logicomix would be displayed in the margin of my own humble edu-comics… it is definitely not in the right proportions, but I’m going to enjoy it anyway.

This Saturday, from 1pm, I am going to claim this window even more by making drawings on the glass. If you want to see me in action, maybe cheer me on – the store is at Spui 14 in Amsterdam. Be welcome!


Kerascoet’s Paper Dolls postponed


Some unfortunate news this morning: The massive Kerascoet art book Paper Dolls has been placed on hold for the time being. The stunning book was originally published in France, offering over 300 pages of bold designs, comics in the making, sketches and studies, ingenious die cuts, and brilliant layouts. The book includes concepts and covers from recent NBM successes BEAUTY and MISS DON’T TOUCH ME– both in their second printing, as well as from Beautiful Darkness.


We hope to return to this project in the future. The project is truly a global effort, with other foreign publishers joining in on the production of this work, a first set of international partners failed to work out because of the sheer cost.

My new book. In Japanese: 私の新しい本

My new book. In Japanese: 私の新しい本
Out this week! – the long awaited (by me, anyway) volume 2 of our cross cultural romance book THE STORY OF LEE was published this week.

In volume 1, the main characters, Matt and Lee, met in Hong Kong, got in trouble with Lee’s father and worked it out thanks to the help of her wise old Uncle. Now, in volume 2, they move to Edinburgh, Scotland, to attend university. And do things go smoothly for them?


No, they have various difficulties. Get the book and find out what happens to them. Written by myself, art by Nami Tamura, her first book in English (with the occasional Scots word tae!).

SOL screenshot - just listen

SOL religion page

Matt’s character in THE STORY OF LEE volume 2

The first review of volume 2 of THE STORY OF LEE has come in, and the reviewer notes a key point:

“…frankly, I’m not sure Matt has what it takes. I’m many years past my own courtship days, but he appears to be something of a thoughtless jerk, and perhaps a bit commitment-averse. Given that Lee is now in a foreign land with uncertain command of the language, his selfishness crosses over into cruelty. If not for Lee’s uncle, things would have take a natural turn with the characters breaking up and Lee returning to Hong Kong. (The uncle’s wisdom and insight borders on the magical, making him a sort of oracle that I’m guessing is a stock character in manga.)

So despite disliking Matt more and more, I found myself plowing on until the end, and wanting to know what happens next. I think that means I still like The Story of Lee.”

SOL 2 cover lo

My comment to that:

Actually, I expect that most readers, especially female, will dislike Matt.

But it can sometimes be useful if readers DISLIKE a character, as it keeps them focusing on the story, as it did with this person above. And, anyway, not ALL characters have to be likeable – otherwise we would have to scrap a very large amount of fictional characters throughout history.

Also, in volume 3 of the book Lee will become even more assertive yet. She already started to be more confident in this volume 2. So, over the three volumes there will be a satisfying sense of her having grown and that she has pushed Matt to adjust his behaviour.

As to the uncle – I am not sure if that sort of oracle figure is a stock character in manga, but he is a ‘wise old man’ figure in this book, yes. Him and Lee even joke about that. But that is not so much taken from manga, but from the classic archetype of wise old men who enters the story at key points, of the type that Joseph Campbell talks of.

SOL screenshot p99

In between books

I have been a bit silent on this blog lately, and it’s because I didn’t know what to write. There’s enough going on, but that’s exactly the problem.



We flew back from New York end of October, after a successful launch of Religion: a Discovery in Comics. We had fun at SPX and the Brooklyn Book Festival, and the first positive reviews are emerging, such as these by readers on Goodreads:

“I LOVE this book! A concise, thoughtful, entertaining overview of five major religions, with a feminist critique added for good measure. Adorable illustrations.” – Vicki

“Religion is not my cup of tea and never was, but I liked this book. (…) Now I’ve got a book to advise to those who are not sure about “what’s that religion thing anyway”, what to think about it and why it is important at all.” – Ekaterina

“A lively, intelligent, and witty survey of the world’s major religions from the Dutch comics artist. De Heer can be critical but is always respectful. Entertaining, informative, and provocative.” – Edward

And then, just after we started to get over our jetlag, our new Dutch book came out, Wereldheerschappij in Beeld, about World Domination. We had a lovely, well-attended presentation in bookstore Scheltema and I gave the first copy to Gean Ockels, who said some very touching things about it.

presentation presentation2

This is her favorite picture from the book – her father in space:


A few interviews with me about this book are on the way (in Dutch) and it had a few very good reviews already.

On 12 November there will be a special Amsterdam presentation of Religion: a Discovery in Comics, at the American Book Center, organized by graphic journalism site Drawing The Times. This event is free to attend and will be taped, so I hope to be able to post it here later. Also, I will draw on the windows of the American Book Center somewhere next week.

So I’m really between books: definitely in my mind but also quite literally in my house, with stacks of books to sign and post.

And then there’s a third book on my mind: the next one! After all the promotion has died down, it’s time to retreat and start thinking and drawing about Love. The Dutch publication of Liefde in Beeld is planned for Spring 2017.

See why I don’t know what to write about…?

More Oscar Wilde and P. Craig Russell also available from NBM!

With the re-release of THE FAIRY TALES OF OSCAR WILDE Vol. 5, now is a great time to read (or re-read) the rest of the series!  Relive the magic of master storyteller Oscar Wilde’s classic tales, with a new spin by mastic comic artist P. Craig Russell! Add all of these timeless stories to your collection today!

Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde

The series has won Eisner and Harvey awards for “best artist” and “best graphic album”

For adults, here are tales exquisitely spun and remarkably insightful. For children, what better way than beautiful comic art to bring them back to reading and the love of books?

The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde

Vol. 1: The Selfish Giant and The Star Child

P.Craig Russell

“The Selfish Giant” won’t let the children play in his garden. The dire consequences make him see the light. “The Star Child” lets his uniqueness and fair looks fill him with vanity, cruelty and haughtiness…until he meets his beggarwoman mother.

8 1/2×11, 48 pp., full color paperback, $9.99

ISBN 978-1-56163-375-3

Diamond Order Code: FEB121099

8 1/2×11, 48 pp., full color, jacketed hardcover, $17.99

ISBN 978-1-56163-056-1

Diamond Order Code: FEB121100

The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde

Vol. 2: The Young King and The Remarkable Rocket

P.Craig Russell

In this volume: The Remarkable Rocket, the amusing story of a vain little rocket who figured itself above all the others and still manages to see glory in its dismal end. The Young King, taken from humble origins, revels in the finer possessions of his new lofty position. But is he alienating the very people he wants to help? For adults, these are tales exquisitely spun and remarkably insightful. For children, what better way than beautiful comic art to bring them back to reading and the love of books?

8 1/2×11, 48 pp., full color, jacketed hardcover, $17.99,

ISBN 978-1-56163-085-1

Diamond Order Code: STAR01187

8 ½ x11, 48 pp., full color paperback,, $9.99

ISBN 978-1-56163-771-3

Diamond Order Code: SEP131233


The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde

Vol. 3: The Birthday of the Infanta

P. Craig Russell

A hideous dwarf is captured in the woods and brought in to the court of the beautiful royal infanta for her amusement. He is full of good humor and tricks and becomes quite popular but remains quite unaware of his looks. She has him perform in front of her friends for her birthday. He is very touched and quite proud to receive such attention, until he sees himself in the mirror and realizes their entertainment may be at his expense.

8 1/2×11, clothbound jacketed, 32pp., full color: $16.99,

ISBN 978-1-56163-213-8

Diamond Order Code: STAR08411

81/2×11, 32pp., full color: $8.99,

ISBN 978-1-56163-775-1

Diamond Order Code: OCT131239


The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde

Vol. 4: The Devoted Friend and The Nightingale and the Rose 

P.Craig Russell

The next volume in the prize-winning and greatly acclaimed complete adaptations of Wilde’s tales presents “The Devoted Friend” on what constitutes real friendship, and “The Nightingale and the Rose” a stirring story of sacrifice to love with a cruel twist.

8 1/2 x 11, full color, cloth bound jacketed book, $16.99

ISBN 978-1-56163-391-3

Diamond Order Code: FEB121103

81/2×11, 32pp., full color trade pb., $8.99,

ISBN 978-1-56163-392-0

Diamond Order Code: JUL043053


For previews and more, click here!

For more information on P. Craig Russell, visit his website

NBM Announces Spring Full of Graphic Novels

We have just announced our next season of titles! This spring, we will release five new graphic novels by acclaimed NBM staples including Annie Goetzinger (Girl in Dior), Sean Michael Wilson (Story of Lee), and Kerascoet (Beauty)

In March, we start off the spring season with a biography! After the amazing success of Ghetto Brother and Girl in Dior, we bring you the story of one of America’s greatest thinkers: Henry David Thoreau. A. Dan and Maximilien Le Roy tell the fascinating story of the founder of ‘civil disobedience’.

THOREAU, A Sublime Life

THOREAU, A Sublime Life

A. Dan, Maximilien Le Roy

“To be a philosopher is not merely to have subtle thoughts, nor even to found a school, but so to love wisdom as to live according to its dictates, a life of simplicity, independence, magnanimity and trust.”

This graphic novel biography relates the forward looking inspirational life of the great author, philosopher and pioneering ecologist. Henry David Thoreau was also the father of the concept, still fresh today (viz ‘Occupy Wall St.’), of ‘civil disobedience’ which he used against slavery and the encroachment of government.

8 ½ x 11, 88pp, full color hardcover, $19.99, ISBN 9781681120256

e-books: $9.99



You might recall Rohan at the Louvre by JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures creator, Hirohiko Araki.

This April, The Louvre Collection, ever diverse in its choices, invites another manga artist for his take on the famous Parisian museum. Jirô Taniguchi provides an amazing full color graphic novel that looks straight out of a Studio Ghibli film.



Jirô Taniguchi

A famous manga artist provides the latest entry in the Louvre collection of graphic novels. After a group trip to Europe, a Japanese designer stops in Paris alone, intent on visiting the museums of the capital. But, bedridden in his hotel room with fever, he faces the absolute solitude of one suffering in a foreign land, deprived of any immediate or familiar recourse. When the fever breaks somewhat, he sets out on his visit and promptly gets lost in the crowded halls of the Louvre. Very soon, he discovers many unsuspected facets to this world in a museum, meeting artists and their works from various periods, in a journey oscillating between feverish hallucination and reality, finishing at the crossroads between human and personal history.

With this inner journey, Jiro Taniguchi invites us on a temporal and artistic trip to discover a sense of place under the leadership of some tutelary figures that appear to him, familiar or unknown … the guardians of the Louvre.

7 ½ x 11, 136pp., full color hardcover, $24.99, ISBN 9781681120348

e-book $9.99



In May, we will release our new art book, showcasing the work of  Kerascoet, the famed creators behind NBM’s Beauty and Miss Don’t Touch Me, as well as the recent hit Beautiful Darkness. Paper Dolls will be limited to 1,000 copies and features cut outs, stickers, and more.





This magnificent art-book presents for the first time the work of the Kerascoëts, a married couple known for the very successful and stunning graphic novels Miss Don’t Touch Me, Beauty and Beautiful Darkness.

Sensitive and colorful, they have chosen a classification in their own image -names of metaphorical colors linked to sensations- that will lift the veil on the immensity and diversity of their work in comics, animation and advertising showing sketches, studies, paintings, even work on textile.

A real visual treasure for amateurs of art books and graphics! Debossed clothbound book with cut-outs, stickers and more, every page a discovery. Strictly limited to 1000 numbered copies.

10 ½ x 12 1/2, 324pp, full color clothbound, debossed, white foil stamped, with cut out pages, strictly limited to 1000 numbered copies, $59.99, ISBN 9781681120201



Sean Michael Wilson, author of Story of Lee, is teaming up with Michiru Morikawa for their new graphic novel, Breaking the Ten, out in June! Wilson and Morikawa bring you the story of a broken man questioning his commitment to God and his religion.



Sean Michael Wilson & Michiru Morikawa

When David loses his wife and child in a tragic car accident he decides, in anger at the cruelty of the event, to turn against God. He sets out to systematically break each of the Ten Commandments in order to both spite God and to get his attention! But will he go all the way, and break the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’? Two mysterious figures, Mr White and Mr Black, try to win David over to their side: the religious or the humanistic. Deeply sad in parts and comical in others, this modern story explores age old questions: Is there a God? And if there is, does that God care about us? By the author of The Story of Lee.

6×9, 112pp., B&W trade pb., $11.99, ISBN 9781681120218

ebook $7.99




And finally, in July, Rodolphe and Girl in Dior’s Annie Goetzinger present Marie Antoinette, Phantom Queen. Part historical fiction, part ghost story, the last queen of France before the revolution is meticulously illustrated by Goetzinger.



Annie Goetzinger & Rodolphe

During the 1930s, Maud, an artist, discovers she has a psychic gift. The first signs manifest themselves in the royal gardens of the Trianon where gradually she understands that a woman from the beyond is attempting to communicate with her. The revelation is beyond belief: it is the ghost of Marie Antoinette appearing to her to share a terrible secret that has tormented her for centuries. After being guillotined, the Queen is said to have been thrown into a common grave but then exhumed and buried with her husband, Louis XVI, in the Saint-Denis basilica. Yet the ghost tells Maud that her remains are still in the pit, on which a chapel stands today. The queen asks Maud to move her body to the right place so she can finally find peace and no longer haunt people.

Part fantastic ghost story, part biography, this is a delicious beautifully illustrated look into French revolutionary history by the artist of the bestselling ‘Girl in Dior.’

8 ½ x 11, 68 pages, full color hardcover, $17.99, ISBN 9781681120294

e-book $9.99


See our whole list of upcoming graphic novels on our website!

New NBM for December: Reintroduce yourself to The Happy Prince by Russell and Wilde

December is the most magical time of the year: the perfect time to curl up with a fairy tale graphic novel. This December, NBM is bringing back THE FAIRY TALES OF OSCAR WILDE! The fifth installment, “The Happy Prince” has been out of stock for some time now. We are reprinting the hardcover and now offering a new paperback format! This all-ages series retells fairy tales penned by Oscar Wilde himself, with art by comic master P. Craig Russell, acclaimed artist of Hellboy, Sandman, and Coraline fame. After its first printing, Comics Waiting Room said, ” An outstanding piece of work, well worth your time and money, whether you’re a Wilde fan, a Russell fan, or just want to try something new.”

The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde Vol.5: The Happy Prince

The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde

Vol.5: The Happy Prince

P. Craig Russell

The Happy Prince is arguably the most famous and well loved of Oscar Wilde’s nine fairy tales, rivaled only by The Selfish Giant. The Happy Prince has died young and his soul inhabits a beautiful ruby encrusted statue covered all over in gold leaf. From his perch high above the city he is witness to all the poverty, misery, and hopelessness in which his people have been living. When a small barn swallow in flight to the warm south ahead of the approaching winter stops to rest upon the statue the Happy Prince prevails upon him to delay his travels in order to remove his gold leaf a piece at a time and shower it upon the poor citizens. Out of love for the Happy Prince the swallow does his bidding. As the days pass the Prince’s beauty is stripped away and as winter sets in the bird’s fate is sealed. In the spring the townspeople finding only a dull statue with a broken lead heart and a dead bird consign the worthless objects to the ash heap. Only an emissary of God recognizes them as the most valuable treasures of the city and brings them to the gardens of heaven.

8 ½ x 11, 32pp., full color trade pb., $8.99 

ISBN 97815616398165


Diamond Order Code: OCT151547 

8 ½ x 11, 32pp., full color jacket hc: $16.99,
ISBN 978-1-56163-626-6

Diamond Order Code: FEB121098


Click here for previews and more.

For more information on P. Craig Russell, visit his website


Be sure to order today from your favorite comic book store in October’s Diamond Previews Magazine.