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Japan benefit book

In the light of the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan there are at least two charity benefit books in the making, one from a UK publisher and another that an American man in Japan is organizing. All the money will go, of course, to help relief work for the people in the worst hit areas around Miyake, Iwate and Fukushima.

I have already written a 6 page story to contribute, from my personal point of view as a foreigner living in Japan., with Japanese artist Michiru Morikawa illustrating (she did a fine job on our ‘Yakuza Moon’ book for Kodansha).

As for The Story of Lee, Terry tells me that its selling quite well, which is nice. It’s had quite a lot of reviews now, mostly positive, but with a few points that some reviewers felt needed work. Sounds like my old school report cards! So, ok. I will try harder sir!

Harvey Awards ballots due

… On fthe 28th and we’d like to remind you, if you’re an artist or professional who can vote for the Harvey Awards or the Eisners later when their noms come up, as to the great stuff we’ve brought out last year:

The Axe-Man of New Orleans, Rick Geary

Boneyard vol.7, Richard Moore

The Broadcast, Eric Hobbs and Noel Tuazon

Dungeon Monsters 3 by Joann Sfar & Lewis Trondheim art by Carlos Nine and Patrice Killoffer, Dungeon Twilight 3 art by Kerascoet and Obion

Elephant Man, Greg Houston

A Home for Mr. Easter, Brooke Allen

Little Nothings 3, Lewis Trondheim

Miss Don’t Touch Me 2, Hubert, Kerascoet

Networked: Carabella on the Run, Mark Badger and Gerard Jones

On the Odd Hours, Eric Liberge

Salvatore vol.1, Nicolas De Crecy

The Story of Lee, Sean Michael Wilson, Chie Kutsuwada

NBM in May: introducing Kinky & Cosy

So, in what’s being solicited in comics shops this month, we’ve got a doozie of an intro:

Shocking! Disgusting! Meet the most dangerous twin girls in the universe! Their record of wrong doings, on purpose or not, will raise your hair on end. A darkly subversive collection of cynical comics gags that is sweeping Europe. Nothing is sacred for these two lil’ monsters! South Park meets Monty Python.
81/2 x 6, 96pp., full color hardcover; $14.99, ISBN 978-1-56163-604-4

These two young girls are so just plain bad you’ll be snickering uncontrolably. We admit to being so hooked we’ve got this festooning our site right now. Our home page features a new strip every week, the author Nix has been busy posting strips and general looniness on the blog… Check it all out and tell us if we’re right or just gone plain off our gourds.

Meantime, over at EUROTICA:

It Could Happen to You, Vol. 1
Another outstanding Spanish artist from Kiss Magazine presents everyday situations gone very very lubricious. Suddenly a guy gets lucky with… a neighbor, a client, a horny woman wanting sex NOW! Fetchingly rendered by Mapp. You’ll love his hot wanton women.
81/2 x 11, 48pp., full color trade pb., $11.99, ISBN 978-1-56163-607-5

Head on over to the Eurotica part of our site to click through to the previews. See the latest full color Sizzle #49, about to hit newstands and stores for a preview as well!


PAPERCUTZ on the other hand is busy announcing the arrival of another cynic:

GARFIELD & Co #1 “Fish to Fry”
By Jim Davis, Peter Nerts, Mark Evanier, Baptiste Heidrich & Julien Monthiel, writers
Ellipsanime/Dargaud Media, artists
Adapted by Cedric Michiels
NEW SERIES BASED ON THE TOP RATED NEW TV SHOW ON CARTOON NETWORK! Jon, Odie, Nermal, Liz and the rest of the gang join Garfield in the first of a new series of Papercutz graphic novels featuring stories adapted from the hit Cartoon Network series. In “Fish to Fry,” the tables turn on Garfield when he is put on trial for his crimes against fishkind — specifically eating them out of fish bowls! Also featuring the stories “Family Picture” and “Nice to Nermal.”
6½ x 9, 32pp., full-color hardcover: $7.99
ISBN 978-1-59707-266-3

GARFIELD & Co #2 “The Curse of the Cat People”
By Jim Davis, Julien Magnat, Mathilde Maraninchi & Antonin Poiree, and Christophe Pujol, writers
Ellipsanime/Dargaud Media, artists
Adapted by Cedric Michiels
Beauty contests and parallel universes — it’s all here in Garfield’s second graphic novel! In “The Curse of the Cat People” Garfield and Odie are transported by a magic mirror to an alternate universe of Ancient Egypt where cats rule the world. Hilarity ensues when the cat people tell Garfield his arrival fulfills an ancient prophecy that will transform their world forever, and that he is their new Pharoah! Also featuring “The Pet Show” and “Bone Diggers.”
6½ x 9, 32pp., full-color hardcover: $7.99
ISBN 978-1-59707-267-0