NBM in August: Bubbles & Gondola

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This August, being solicited now in comics stores, we have a magical discovery for you: BUBBLES & GONDOLA Renaud Dillies On a background of Django Reinhardt, this jewel of poetic fantasy is a fairy tale for all ages with spot on observations about life. Charlie is a mouse who’s trying to write but has a […]

Reactions to the Louvre book + some School Library Journal reviews

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“In The Sky Over the Louvre, Carrière builds up a story that uses David as a framework around which to touch on both the history of the Louvre and the complicated political passions of the time. It’s Yslaire’s layout and drafting, though, that really makes the book sing. The players in this drama are all […]

We’re on Comixology!

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Starting with Bluesman last week and today adding Boneyard, vol.1, NBM graphic novels are being made available bit by bit on the leading mobile provider of comics Comixology. Bluesman is available at $9.99 vs. $24.95 for the clothbound edition, Boneyard vol.1 is at a promo price of $5.99 vs. the print pb. price of $12.95. […]

Boneyard, The Broadcast and Axe-Man reviewed

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“After 9 years, Richard Moore is bringing the Boneyard series to a conclusion, but you can still get in on the fun with volume 7. And don’t worry if you haven’t read the previous 6: it’s easy to catch on to the characters and the story in this volume is complete in itself. It’s hilariously […]

Mr. Hornswoggler, Gent. has been active

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Andrew Wheeler, that is, at his Antick Musings blog where he’s reviewed: The Axe-Man of New Orleans, Rick Geary’s latest Treasury of Murder tome Boneyard vol.7 by Richard Moore and also has nice words to say about our sister co. Papercutz‘ The Smurfs.

Boneyard, Axe-Man of New Orleans, A Home for Mr. Easter news.

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“Written with charm and wit, as well as action and passion, Boneyard vol.7 will not disappoint fans of the series yet is also a sufficiently accessible and self-contained story as to be a serviceable jumping-on point for new readers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!” The Midwest Book Review & Richard Moore is interviewed by Newsarama about this volume and […]

Newsarama on Boneyard

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“Suffused with geeky humor and high adventure, well drawn, and emotionally real, Boneyard v.7 concludes Michael and Abbey’s story, but Richard Moore remains a comics creator to watch, and Boneyard stands as a series well worth rereading many times over. ” As on Newsarama  

Richard Moore interviewed

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…on Jazma online. And Boneyard 7 gets 5 stars on this site here.

Horror News on Boneyard

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“This final edition is chock full of fun, flavor and will keep you glued till the end.” Horror News

Our authors appearance schedule for San Diego

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Here’s our schedule of our authors appearing at our booth #1528 in San Diego next week. We’ll be having Mark Badger and Gerard Jones in to launch Networked: Carabella on the Run hot off the press, Ted Rall, Richard Moore (Boneyard), Rick Geary, and Sean Michael Wilson signing an ashcan of his forthcoming Story of […]

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