2 of our Manhwa make top ten must-read.

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A post over at Manga critic that makes us blush. Around an exhibit of Manhwa and a list provided there of the best, this critic sought to make a revision and added two of our 3 manhwas to a top ten must-read list: Run Bon-Gu, Run and at the very top: Buja’s Diary.

Top ten lists

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We’re making a few: Mijeong, a manhwa, made Popcultureshock‘s list of best of 2009: “Wholly unlike most of the other English-translated manhwa hitting the shelves these days, this volume is a hidden gem, with glimpses of true brilliance that promise a great future for the artist.” SFSite put The Big Kahn in theirs: “Kleid’s story […]

Mijeong still fascinates: High Low review

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“Byun is a stunning draftsman and character designer, but one got a sense of restlessness from this collection of stories. This book felt like an author trying to shake something loose in himself and looking to a different set of influences and styles. Byun is certainly an artist whose work I’d like to see more […]

Feminist Review and New City on Mijeong

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Mijeong, a Korean manhwa,  got a couple of reviews recently: “very thought provoking. It touches on some serious issues and treats them with respect” The Feminist Review “The stories in Mijeong work like poetry, evoking senses, feelings, that neither the words nor the images alone accomplish. Breathtaking artwork.” New City (Chicago alt. paper)

‘Capt.’ Comics Smith on Geary and Mijeong

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Nationally syndicated columnist Andrew ‘Capt. Comics’ Smith who also has a regular column in the Comics Buyers Guide, has this to say about two of our recent books: On Geary’s latest Famous Players: “Whodunit? As usual, that’s up to you. Geary never fails to impress and “Famous Players” is just another reason why.” On our […]

Bookgasm on Mijeong

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Here’s What Rod Lott of Bookgasm says of Mijeong: “Korean-born Byun Byung-Jun is little known in these parts, except for die-hard manga and graphic novel fans. With luck, MIJEONG, his second collection of short fiction, will change that. It should, because this impressively talented artist deserves a wider audience. The seven stories here are mostly […]

Booklist on Geary’s Famous Players and Byun’s Mijeong

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Booklist’s Ray Olson reviews a pair of our books: On Rick Geary‘s Famous Players which has just shipped: “Batting a thousand, so to speak, Geary gives us another ideal first look on a legendary homicide.” And on Mijeong: “all beautifully executed, true-feeling stuff.”

Review round-up: Dungeon, Geary & Mijeong

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Three reviews of note have appeared recently: “This is an outstanding Dungeons and Dragons parody that serves as a stand-alone story. Readers will be entertained, even those unaccustomed to comic fantasy fiction. These anthropomorphic characters are well drawn, and the snappy dialogue is craftily paired with Boulet’s stunning imagery.“ School Library Journal on Dungeon Zenith […]

Reviews of Mijeong and Arlene’s Heart

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Marc Mason at Comics Waiting Room has just reviewed two of our recent books: “MIJEONG is a stunning Korean manhwa. The ending packs a powerful one-two punch and sticks with you far beyond when you put the book down. Each tale in the book has at least some merit to it, as even the weaker […]

Precocious Curmudgeon on NBM’s books

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A slew of reviews of late over at Precocious Curmudgeon! First David Welsh, the author of this blog has some good words about us: “I don’t think I’ve ever sat down and considered just how much reading pleasure I’ve gotten out of NBM’s catalog. Maybe it’s because they have a very restrained publishing schedule, only a […]

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