Death of a Cat and a Character

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Two weeks ago our beautiful sweet Siamese Boris died. We miss him greatly, not just as a pet but as a friend who always seemed so tuned in to our moods and feelings. He was almost eighteen and had a great life and a good death – yet this does not make the sadness any less, […]

Of Cats Past, Part Five

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Here are some more cat comics I drew for my daily webcomic in 2005. The practice of a daily comic made me learn to draw quickly without bothering too much about perfection (which shows) – I hope you enjoy them anyway! — — — —

Of Cats Past, Part Four

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The nicest cat I ever lived with (apart maybe from Siamese Boris) was Bloem, a feisty, sociable, intelligent small black female who had all but literally clawed her way out of the garbage cans of Amsterdam as a kitten to set up home with me, in 1999. In 2004 I drew her into a comic […]

Of Cats Past, Part Three

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For seven years, I was the proud owner of four cats – or more accurately: I was proudly owned by four cats, which is quite an army. They provided me with ample material for my daily webcomic in 2005-2006: — —   Yes, I was a blonde once. And “mauw” is indeed Dutch for “meow”. […]

Of Cats Past, Part Two

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I’m going through my archives looking for comics I drew my cats in – and here’s one from 2003 featuring Tijger, a typical tabby: vibrant, affectionate, dominant and fierce.   (That’s me in the lower bit, consoling Johan. In 2003, I was a stepmother to three children and living in a small house with a […]

Of Cats Past, Part One

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I looked through my archive to see when I drew my first cat-comic – and it’s this one, from 1999, about my sweet albeit a bit grumpy Scottish kitty Djinn: I’m pleasantly surprised with the way I drew Djinn, and I really like the dream-sequence. But I’m less enthusiastic about the way I drew myself, […]

Philosophical Cats

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I like to write and draw about my own personal life – in fact, all of my comics have autobiographical elements in one way or another. I especially like to draw our cats, beautiful Siamese Boris and his dark sidekick Toto. They both appear in ‘Philosophy: a Discovery in Comics’. In fact, Boris’ dreaming sparks […]